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DriftEx EV conversion package

28 May, 2022

DriftEx has been designed as a conversion package for the electrifying of vehicles in underground mine sites.

Separating fact from fiction in the EV debate

27 May, 2022 by Jamie Ayers, Director ANZ, ENGIE Impact

When it comes to electric vehicles (EVs), debates often abound on various issues such as grid stability and emission-free claims — so, what’s the truth behind all these claims?

Using wastewater as a renewable energy source

26 May, 2022

Jemena is working with Sydney Water and Eneraque to upgrade a wastewater treatment plant so that it can convert wastewater into usable gas.

Could energy-as-a-service be the answer to reduce emissions?

25 May, 2022

Verdia explains how energy-as-a-service could be the answer companies are looking for to reduce their emissions in the long term.

A path for microgrids in edge-of-grid towns in Australia

24 May, 2022 by Dr Scott Dwyer

MyTown Microgrid is developing a replicable energy solution model for edge-of-grid communities, starting with a pilot in the Victorian town of Heyfield.

Waste-to-energy facility ramps up in Melbourne

23 May, 2022

A combined venture between two Melbourne companies will see the development of a recycling and power generation facility.

Energy Next clean energy expo in Sydney this July

16 May, 2022

Sustainable energy sources, energy management, micogrids and more to be discussed at a free-to-attend clean energy expo — Energy Next.

Call for a National Battery Strategy across Australia

11 April, 2022 by Shannon O’Rourke, CEO, FBICRC, Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre

The importance of the battery industry and the more sustainable energy options it unlocks should be recognised as part of a broader circular economic opportunity.

ALL THE COMPRESSED AIR YOU NEED…with big savings in compressor running costs

07 April, 2022

Big industry requires enormous amounts of regulated compressed air to operate a variety of applications and the bigger the demand, the bigger the compressor and the higher the energy bills …. until now!

Measurement challenges in hydrogen energy pathway

07 April, 2022

The gold-plated diaphragm pressure transmitters are suitable for hydrogen applications as hydrogen diffusivity through gold is far lower compared to stainless steel.

Smart Energy 2022: conference & exhibition

06 April, 2022

Smart Energy 2022 will be the 60th annual conference and exhibition for the Smart Energy Council.

Lampo Emergency Response Unit

01 March, 2022

The trailer-mounted, multipurpose Lampo is designed to speed up and simplify the deployment of emergency response equipment.

Power quality that delivers cost savings, with productivity and efficiency gains

01 March, 2022

Looking to reduce electricity bills or improve productivity and performance?

Smart grid technology helps renewable energy transition

23 February, 2022

Hetech is now working in the renewable energy space with EcoJoule's smart grid technology.

Automated waste/carbon reporting — for all applications

01 February, 2022

Matter is bringing to households and offices a simple-to-use, app-based waste management system that provides waste/carbon monitoring.

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