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Schneider Electric PowerLogic PM5350 power meter

05 May, 2012

Schneider Electric has added the PowerLogic PM5350 power meter to its line-up of entry-level meters. The product is suitable for demanding applications, where accuracy is paramount.

MiserWare Granola Enterprise 5.0 energy measurement tool

02 May, 2012

MiserWare, a spin-off company of Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering, is launching a free product that allows companies or individuals to measure their carbon footprint in terms of total power usage.

Test and measurement tools now accessible

17 April, 2012 by Carolyn Jackson

From its headquarters in Everett, Washington, USA, Fluke played host to the first-ever Fluke Press Summit 2012. Over 80 journalist and editors from around the globe, including representatives from Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom and Australia (Westwick-Farrow Media), gathered for the educational insight into the operation and development of new technology by Fluke. Details of two of the latest exciting Fluke products being released soon were revealed during the summit: an easy-to-use infrared thermometer and a vibration meter for frontline screening.

Fluke 805 Vibration Meter

16 April, 2012

The Fluke 805 Vibration Meter is a portable multifunction vibration screening tool that provides quantifiable information on the bearing and overall health of motors and other rotating equipment. The instrument is suitable for troubleshooting teams that need reliable and repeatable measurements of rotating equipment to make imperative go/no-go maintenance decisions.

Fluke 62 Max and 62 Max+ infrared thermometers

16 April, 2012

The Fluke 62 Max and 62 Max+ infrared thermometers have been released. These easy-to-use test tools are dust, water and drop resistant, making them suitable for the harsh conditions faced by technicians in electrical, service, HVAC, process, industrial and facilities maintenance applications.The Fluke 62 Max is suitable for quick temperature scans of systems to look for anything from unusual hot spots that signal electrical and electromechanical malfunctions to undesirable air intake/output patterns in the building envelope. Because infrared measurement does not require making contact with the surface being measured, technicians can make the measurements from a distance, away from moving machinery or live electrical connections.

Partnership for greenhouse gas analyser

27 March, 2012

The University of Wollongong (UOW) and Ecotech, a company which specialises in environmental monitoring instruments, have announced a partnership to manufacture and distribute a comprehensive greenhouse gas analyser to worldwide markets.

Fluke 430 Series II three-phase power quality analysers

26 March, 2012

The Fluke 430 Series II three-phase power quality analysers are designed to directly measure and calculate the cost of energy wasted in electrical systems due to power quality issues.The tools use a patented algorithm to measure energy waste and quantify its cost.

Onset Hobo UX90 Occupancy and Light Logger

28 February, 2012

The Onset Hobo UX90 Occupancy and Light Logger is a matchbox-sized, LCD data logger that tracks building occupancy and light usage to pinpoint areas in a building that could benefit from occupancy sensors and other energy-savings initiatives.

ADC BioScientific LCpro-SD portable photosynthesis system

01 February, 2012

The LCpro-SD is a portable and easy-to-use photosynthesis system with full experimental programming and environmental control. The device provides full automatic and enhanced control of the environmental conditions within the plant leaf chamber. It is claimed to control CO2, H2O, temperature and PAR more accurately and easily than ever before.

Burkert Element Neutrino 8202 and 8222 analytical transmitters

20 January, 2012

Burkert has launched the Neutrino analytical transmitters; the 8202 (for pH or redox potential) and 8222 (for conductivity). They are designed for operation with different sensor types, offering adaption across a range of applications where measurement of pH, ORP or conductivity is required.

Li-Cor Greenhouse Gas Analyser (GHG) Packages

23 November, 2011 by

Li-Cor’s Greenhouse Gas Analyser (GHG) Packages provide simultaneous in-situ methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour data for eddy covariance applications and atmospheric flux monitoring.

Another facility to check air-conditioning energy star ratings

16 November, 2011

A new, state-of-the-art air conditioner test facility has been designed and commissioned by CSIRO engineers.

Measuring the power of the sun

17 October, 2011

Rising out of the red earth, under the blazing sun of central Australia, a ‘forest’ of solar panels stands against the horizon.

Remote Energy Management (REM) system

29 September, 2011 by

Schneider Electric has released an online energy management system, Remote Energy Management (REM). REM provides facilities and building managers with a simple, cost-effective, web-based tool to monitor, measure and reduce energy consumption across multiple sites around the world. It easily integrates with a building’s existing or new energy meters and is designed to identify where corrective actions could be taken to reduce energy and carbon emissions and decrease costs.

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