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Plan to reverse climate change presented in London

18 May, 2017

Some of the world's leading environmental experts met in London today to see how they can take forward an innovative strategy to reverse the human impact of climate change.

Results in for fifth Emissions Reduction Fund auction

18 April, 2017

The Emissions Reduction Fund has now secured 189 million tonnes of abatement through 387 contracts.

WWF responds to Trump's rollback on climate action

30 March, 2017

WWF has expressed its disappointment at the US Government's decision to roll back components of its commitments under the Paris Agreement.

3 ways fuel efficiency reduces your environmental footprint

03 March, 2017 by Todd Ewing, Director Product Marketing

Field-based businesses are being urged to sharpen their focus on their environmental footprint in the lead-up to Earth Hour's 10th birthday, taking place on 25 March.

Tracking progress to Paris Agreement goals

01 February, 2017

An international research team has developed a new method for tracking the progress that individual countries are making towards meeting the global climate targets of the Paris Agreement.

Eco-friendly flooring to combat poor air quality

09 November, 2016

The 'Towards Buildings That Thrive' report addresses the need for design and construction practices that promote healthier and sustainable commercial spaces — with a focus on indoor air quality.

Climate Change Authority split on emissions reduction requirements

05 September, 2016 by Lauren Davis

The Climate Change Authority has witnessed a surprising break in the ranks, with two members claiming that the authority's latest report features major flaws.

Verifying power plant emissions

30 August, 2016

Power plants that underestimate their greenhouse gas emissions could soon be exposed, thanks to New Zealanders who have found a way to verify power plants' self-reported emissions simply by looking at the grass growing nearby.

The fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction is coming

30 August, 2016 by Mike Ritchie, Director, MRA Consulting

The fourth Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction has recently been announced. This matters immensely for the waste and local government sectors.

Climate Neutral Now gains first Australian signatory

19 August, 2016

Conversio has become the first Australian company to sign the pledge to join the Climate Neutral Now initiative, led by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat.

Fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction to be held in November

16 August, 2016

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) will hold the fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction from 16–17 November. The auction format will remain largely unchanged from previous auctions, though the auction guidelines give the CER some additional flexibility to choose the volume of offered abatement it will accept.

The environmental impact of Australian pork production

05 July, 2016

The Pork CRC has conducted what is claimed to be the first comprehensive study using life-cycle assessment (LCA) to benchmark greenhouse gas emissions from pork across the full production system.

Making a coal-fired plant more efficient

19 May, 2016

Longview Power has rehabilitated its 700 MW power plant in West Virginia, US, transforming an operation previously beset by frequent outages and poor performance into what is said to be one of the cleanest, most efficient coal-fired plants in the country.

Grim warnings on emissions

19 May, 2016

Are we taking greenhouse gas monitoring seriously in Australia? Frank Silberberg of Group Instrumentation talks about the latest trends, technology and challenges with emissions monitoring.

Energy efficiency goals for the building sector

16 May, 2016

Australia's building sector could save billions of dollars and reach zero carbon emissions by 2050, with energy efficiency delivering over half the emissions reductions.

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