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Researchers produce 'green' ammonia

27 January, 2021

Chemical engineers have made 'green' ammonia from air, water and renewable electricity, without the high temperatures, high pressure and huge infrastructure currently needed to produce it.

University of Sydney engineers devise water-to-hydrogen tech

02 December, 2020

Researchers from the University of Sydney have devised a method to efficiently convert water into hydrogen, making strides in its development as a clean energy store for fuel cells.

The ultra-efficient catalyst that makes simple work of waste to biodiesel

29 October, 2020

A research team led by RMIT University has developed an efficient, low-cost method for recycling used cooking oil and agricultural waste into biodiesel.

Using solar and air to create green hydrogen

24 September, 2020

Low-cost green hydrogen has been manufactured using a combination of solar energy and water harvested from air.

Why the government's gas plan could be 'on the nose'

17 September, 2020 by Amy Steed

Although the manufacturing industry has thrown its support behind the federal government's new Gas Recovery Plan, some experts have criticised the move.

Building blocks for a renewable electric grid

11 September, 2020

Coal-fired power stations could be converted to run entirely fossil fuel-free by using a new type of thermal storage material housed in LEGO-like blocks.

Reducing gas usage with renewable energy heating

28 August, 2020

With gas still a key part of many industrial heating applications, researchers are looking for renewable alternatives.

ABB builds facility for EV chargers in Italy

03 August, 2020

A new facility for electric vehicle chargers is being developed by ABB in San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy.

UNSW, Ebusco agreement to bolster greener transport

25 June, 2020

UNSW has entered into an agreement with Dutch electric bus manufacturer Ebusco, aiming to boost the development of electric vehicles in Australia.

Atmospheric water vapour used as renewable energy

12 June, 2020

Water vapour from the atmosphere could be used as a source of renewable energy, according to a new study.

Veolia to help create soluble fertiliser solution

04 June, 2020

Veolia Water Technologies will assist in the creation of a soluble fertiliser in the Western Australian outback.

ResourceCo Asia to help deliver large-scale energy-from-waste plant in Indonesia

18 May, 2020

ResourceCo Asia has successfully tendered to build the first major energy-from-waste facility in Greater Jakarta's Tangerang City.

Renewable power adopted by Macquarie Uni

23 April, 2020

A new contract will see Macquarie University powered by a 100% renewable source of energy into the future.

Agave's biofuel potential

03 April, 2020

Could the agave plant hold the key to sustainable biofuel production in Australia?

Using smelly fruit to charge your phone

12 March, 2020

A new method that involves converting durian and jackfruit waste into supercapacitors that can charge mobile phones has just been developed.

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