ControlAir Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Regulators

06 February, 2024 | Slentech Pty Ltd

ControlAir's Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Regulators are devices that combine electrical control with pneumatic pressure regulation.

Gorman-Rupp EchoStorm static venturi aeration devices

01 February, 2024 | Hydro Innovations

The EchoStorm, by Gorman-Rupp, is a range of static venturi aeration devices installed inline on the discharge side of self-priming pumps.

Fluid Components International FS10i Flow Switch/Monitor

01 February, 2024 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Designed for industrial processes, manufacturing operations, pumps, compressed air, gas compressors and HVAC systems requiring flow assurance and alarming, the compact SIL 2 compliant FS10i Flow Switch/Monitor from Fluid Components International (FCI) features good performance and operation.

Thermo Fisher Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Plus optical emission spectrometer range

21 December, 2023 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Fisher spectrometer range is designed to streamline elemental analysis in the metal production, processing and recycling industries, as well as in labs.

EXAIR EFC Electronic Flow Control

01 December, 2023 | Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

EXAIR EFC Electronic Flow Control for compressed air is designed to minimise compressed air use on blowoff, drying, cooling, conveying and static elimination operations.

Combilift Combi-LC Load Carriers for offshore wind sector

01 December, 2023 | Combilift

Combilift has launched the Combi-LC load carrier, which is designed to meet the load-handling demands of large-scale offshore wind manufacturers.

Trina Vertex S+ NEG9RC.27 dual-glass black solar panel

06 November, 2023 | Trina Solar Australia

Trina Vertex S+ NEG9RC.27 is based on N-type i-TOPCon technology and is a lightweight, smaller 1.6+1.6 mm dual-glass solar panel.

Cerlic CMC ITL model for the measurement of high solids

01 November, 2023 | Control Components Pty Ltd

Cerlic has released a newly developed CMC ITL (insertion type) model for the measurement of high solids (<30% TS).

AMS Trimec Multipulse Oval series PD flowmeters

01 November, 2023 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

The Trimec Multipulse Oval series PD flowmeters are used for flow rate measurement in flow monitoring and control applications, and for totalising in dispensing and batching.

Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting

10 October, 2023 | Nordfab Pty Ltd

Quick-Fit (QF) Ducting is designed to ensure that work environments are comfortable and conducive to productivity.

Emerson Rosemount 925FGD Gas Detector

09 October, 2023 | Emerson Automation Solutions

The Emerson Rosemount 925FGD Gas Detector is the first Rosemount designed and engineered point gas detector.

KPMG ESG Academy

05 October, 2023 | KPMG Australia

KPMG has launched the KPMG ESG Academy in collaboration with Microsoft and leading universities and institutions.

Nordfab Inline Spark Trap

03 October, 2023 | Nordfab Pty Ltd

Nordfab's Inline Spark Trap is a complementary fire prevention item for a dust extraction system.

Hydro Innovations Ragazzini peristaltic pump

01 October, 2023 | Hydro Innovations

The Ragazzini Peristaltic Pump has been designed to optimise fluid transfer processes.

eWater Systems sustainable cleaning and sanitising system

28 August, 2023 | eWater Systems Pty Ltd

eWater Systems are designed to replace chemicals by supplying disinfectant, sanitiser and cleaner using electrolysis technology.

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