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WaterGroup Pty Ltd

WaterGroup does whatever it takes to help companies and water authorities secure water and save money through cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Our unique feature is that we are not just a consultant. We are also a contractor and a service provider. We build water recycling, water treatment, rain and stormwater harvesting plants. We install and provide smart metering services for water, gas, power and solar. We provide products and operate plants and networks. By seeing what our plans and plants achieve, we can give you better advice how you can reduce your non-revenue water or water losses, and what savings you are not realising. We can provide leak detection equipment such as SebaKMT permanent leakage monitoring, flow and pressure monitoring/data loggers and leak detection equipment. We are also the distributors for RBSWave network leakage management solutions including virtual DMA’s.

From our experience in delivering water efficiency measures, we know what they cost and achieve, and what not! We invite you to tap into that specialist pool of expertise. Refer to this listing and get a free assessment how we can even guarantee that our approach, design models and innovative engineering solutions save water and money.

Phone: 02 9499 8795
Fax: 02 9499 4950
15/33 Ryde Road , Pymble NSW 2073 (Directions)


WaterGroup 3G SIM Loggers for monitoring systems

WaterGroup offers 3G SIM Loggers that can be used to monitor water, gas, electricity, solar and tank level. The logger comes with a vandal-proof box and has a battery life of 3–5 years.

WaterGroup Water Management Service

WaterGroup's Water Management Service is suitable for people who want to save water but don't have the time. The service comprises submetering and smart metering, water management and active follow-up on leaks and abnormal consumption.

Alternative approach to intelligent water network

An alternative approach to establish an advanced intelligent water network comprises a suite of tools deployed to maximise the overall benefit while minimising cost.


Smart water meters to roll out across Telstra's NB-IoT network

Water savings company WaterGroup is expected to undertake its biggest rollout of NarrowBand Internet of Things (NB-IoT) enabled smart water meters.

Helping rural councils defend against drought

Water savings company WaterGroup is offering rural councils the opportunity to apply for a free NUmeter trial, irrigation meter trial or meter data assessment.

Smart water meters for Sydney Water

Water conservation consultancy WaterGroup has sold its IoT-enabled water meter to Sydney Water, in a move that puts the water provider on track to becoming a digital utility.

Smart water meter seeks to solve Australia's water challenges

The Network-ready Ultrasonic smart water meter (NUmeter) has an IoT-type network communications module fully integrated into it.

Smart water metering with NB-IoT

Water conservation consultancy WaterGroup has announced the launch of its NarrowBand Internet of Things (NB-IoT) ultrasonic, intelligent water meters.



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