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Metrohm Australia Pty Ltd

Phone: 1300 720 485
Unit 11, 56 Buffalo Road , Gladesville NSW 2111 (Directions)


Anton Paar Multiwave PRO with Rotor 24HVT80 01 system for the digestion of water samples

The Multiwave PRO, combined with the Rotor 24HVT80, enables the digestion of a broad range of samples, including water and wastewater, which require a vessel filling.

Analytik Jena PlasmaQuant MS ICP-MS

The PlasmaQuant MS, with a free-running 27 MHz solid-state RF generator for plasma generation, handles organic matrices without changing the torch configuration.

Metrohm scTRACE Gold sensor

Metrohm has introduced the scTRACE Gold, a sensor for the straightforward voltammetric determination of arsenic in water.

Metrohm 930 Compact IC Flex ion chromatograph

Metrohm has launched the 930 Compact IC Flex, a compact ion chromatograph developed for the requirements of contract laboratories and QC laboratories in various industries as well as the public sector. The product provides flexibility and ease of use for routine analysis.

Ion chromatography

The Metrohm 861 Advanced Compact IC is used for ion chromatography and water analysis. It has a compact design, high sensitivity, low detection limits, comprehensive automation possibilities - all combined with easy handling.



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