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Kenelec Scientific Pty Ltd

Kenelec Scientific is a leading national supplier of environmental monitoring and recording instrumentation. The company was formed in 1962 and maintains a policy of providing the highest quality products, service and technical support. Products include particle counters, streaming current monitors and controllers, weather stations, flow meters, stormwater and wastewater samplers, loggers and a range of water quality sensors.

Phone: 03 9873 1022
Fax: 03 9873 0200
23 Redland Drive , Mitcham VIC 3132 (Directions)


Chemtrac Coagulation Control System

The Coagulation Control System incorporates all the key measurements needed for optimising coagulation into one analyser.

Chemtrac filter performance monitoring sensors

Chemtrac offers filter performance monitoring sensors said to be capable of measuring low concentrations of solids (<1 ppb) in a way that light scatter turbidity instruments cannot.

Chemtrac HydroACT 300 Residual Chlorine Analyzer

Chemtrac's HydroACT 300 Residual Chlorine Analyzer monitors free chlorine, total chlorine, ClO2 or pH. It is appropriate for compliance reporting following USEPA Method 334.0.

Chemtrac Lab Charge Analyzer coagulation optimisation tool

Chemtrac introduces the next-generation Laboratory Charge Analyzer (LCA). The LCA allows the user to determine the ideal coagulant dosage for optimum NTU and TOC reduction in less than 5 min.

Chemtrac DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor

Chemtrac introduces the DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor. The product's rugged design offers a replaceable probe sleeve; automatic zero offset; advanced PID control; and digital processing with insightful diagnostics.

Fluid Imaging Technologies FlowCAM imaging particle analysis system

The FlowCAM imaging particle analysis system is a tool for detecting, identifying and quantifying algae or problem particulate matter in water treatment processes.

Multiparameter water quality probe

The Manta from Eureka Environmental is a multiparameter water quality probe that incorporates advanced electronic components and mechanical innovation. The Amphibian field display can be attached to the Manta to give users PC power in the field. Users can quickly download data from logging instruments; view and analyse live data; add templates; and transfer data back to a PC and automatically save it as an Excel file.



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