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John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

John Morris Scientific specialises in the supply, installation and servicing of laboratory instrumentation and consumables. They are your exclusive source for: Gilson pipettes; Sigma centrifuges; Christ freeze dryers; Julabo heaters and chillers; Milestone microwave digesters; Fritsch grinders and mills as well as Cole-Parmer and Masterflex products.

Phone: 1800 251 799
Fax: 02 9417 8855
61-63 Victoria Avenue , Chatswood NSW 2067 (Directions)


Li-Cor Greenhouse Gas Analyser (GHG) Packages

Li-Cor’s Greenhouse Gas Analyser (GHG) Packages provide simultaneous in-situ methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour data for eddy covariance applications and atmospheric flux monitoring.

Li-Cor LI-820 CO2 Gas Analyser

The Li-Cor LI-820 single-path, dual-wavelength, non-dispersive infrared CO2 Gas Analyser is used for continuous monitoring of CO2 in a range of environmental conditions including ocean science, plant science, geological monitoring and greenhouse control systems.

Measuring soil CO2 flux

Increasing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and the resulting consequences for the earth’s climate make understanding the sources and sinks of carbon and their exchange with the atmosphere a high research priority around the world. Soil CO2 flux makes a significant contribution to the total carbon balance and is driven by complex environmental and biological processes that are variable in space and time.

Corrosion-resistant refrigerated sampler

The Isco 4700 refrigerated sampler for municipal and industrial wastewater applications features a powerful ½ hp compressor with software-controllable temperature settings. The controller displays the sample compartment temperature and logs a 24 h summary to confirm proper cooling and sample preservation.

Water quality monitoring

The YSI model 600XL-V2 and 600XLM-V2 water quality sondes have a 40 mm diameter and are suitable for groundwater monitoring, shallow water applications and spot checking routines due to their lightweight and compact design.

Wastewater flowmeter

The ADFM (acoustic Doppler flowmeter) Velocity Profiler can measure flow rates in harsh environments and under difficult hydraulic conditions. The ADFM flowmeters use Pulse Doppler to measure true velocity profiles - not an estimated average velocity as with common Continuous Wave Doppler flowmeters.

Optical dissolved oxygen sensor

The YSI ROX is a luminescent-based dissolved oxygen sensor which enables users to make long-term oxygen measurements in severe fouling and low oxygen environment. It features a self-cleaning, wiper system to provide anti-fouling in even the most hostile environments.



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