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Control Components Pty Ltd

Control Components Pty Ltd

Control Components' extensive product portfolio features many of the world's leading instrumentation suppliers and measuring technologies. Our brands include Gems Sensors, Trimod Besta, Weka, Cerlic, TriOS,Eletta, Sitron, Kari, McDonnell & Miller(Xylem), ITT Neo-Dyn, KEM, AW-Lake, New-Flow, ITT Conoflow and Kayden Instruments. Find your product of choice from Control Components' wide selection of quality level, flow, pressure and online analytical instruments. Take control... talk to an experienced member of the CCPL Support Team now.

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Kari potable water models

Kari-Finn provides choice in its Finnish-made range of RoHS-compliant tilt-type float switches.

TriOS matrixFlu VIS multivariable fluorometer

The matrixFlu VIS multivariable fluorometer from TriOS is a device for the online monitoring of algae, cyanobacteria and coloured dissolved organic matter.

TriOS LISA UV CODeq sensor

LISA UV is an online optical sensor with cutting-edge measurement technology, using no reagents for reliable measurement of CODeq in discharge water from food industry plants.

TriOS OPUS online spectral nitrate/nitrite sensor

Replacing time-consuming lab tests, the OPUS is an optical sensor for online analysis of nitrogen (nitrate/nitrite) and carbon compounds (CODeq and BODeq).

Cerlic MultiTracker portable sensor

The portable Cerlic MultiTracker has helped busy plant operators greatly reduce their daily lab work by providing fast and repeatable measurements for MLSS/RAS/WAS/sludge blanket profile and dissolved oxygen, without having to step into the lab.

Cerlic BB2 controller for X-Series sensors

Capable of managing up to four separate sensors, the BB2 controller is reverse-compatible with existing Cerlic equipment and can directly replace a line-voltage unit as part of an upgrade, with no further hardware required.

Gems Sensors & Controls DipTape level indicator

Gems Sensors & Controls DipTape level indicators are a simple way to measure the liquid level in storage tanks and IBCs. They are suitable for quick, periodic readouts where power is unavailable or undesirable.

Cerlic ITX TSS sensor

The Cerlic ITX sensor uses near-infrared (NIR) technology to measure total suspended solids (up to 2%) in activated sludge processes. Unlike turbidity sensors designed for clean water processes, the sensor utilises transmission of light for concentration measurement, which means it is immune to changes in water colour.

Kari M type, S type and C type float switches

A small Finnish company, Kari, services Australian organisations ranging from municipal water authorities to farming equipment OEMs. The company specialises in the design and the manufacture of level sensing equipment.

Cerlic Blanko handheld sludge blanket profile sensor

The portable Cerlic Blanko sensor provides a tool for operators and process teams to not only see but record the sludge blanket profile and interface in challenging water/wastewater, industrial and mining applications.

Cerlic CMC high-concentration total solids sensor

The Cerlic CMC completes the sensing pathway of sludge/biosolids in water and wastewater treatment processes, measuring high-concentration suspended solids of up to 300,000 mg/L (30% TS).

Cerlic sludge blanket and TSS sensors

Cerlic's range of suspended solids sensors has been developed with industry using near infrared (NIR) transmission of light to actually see suspended solids (>40 μm) in wastewater. With this operating principle, they measure TSS concentration (mg/L or ppm) without the need for colour compensation.

Weka visual level indicators

Control Components locally builds magnetic level gauges in Australia under licence to Weka. Typically used in place of a sight glass to provide a visual indication of the liquid level in a tank, the process liquid never comes into contact with the brightly coloured indication flags, so tank levels can be read for years without needing any further maintenance.

Cerlic Multitracker wastewater instrument with Multiseries sensors

Cerlic’s range of portable water/wastewater instruments has expanded to include the Multitracker controller and Multiseries sensors. The handheld device uses plug-and-play sensors for various types of measurement.

Sitron CF series thermal flow switches

The Sitron CF series of thermal flow switches is suitable for flow and low flow detection of liquids or gases in pipes or ducts.

Gems Sensors & Controls ultrasonic continuous liquid level sensor

Gems Sensors & Controls has launched the UCL-520 Ultrasonic Level Sensor. The series is suitable for non-contact applications such as industrial water treatment, wastewater management, chemical and petroleum distillates storage as well as many other challenging fluid applications.

Turbidity meter

The ATM100 turbidity meter from Aquasant AG is compact and can be used for online determination of cell density, monitoring of crystallisation processes, suspension monitoring or solid content determination. The range of applications includes such areas as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry, the food sector and water quality management.

Borehole pressure transducer

Gems Sensors' 2400 slim line pressure transducer measures 19 mm in diameter and features triple sealing to prevent water ingress and condensation. The unit is designed for use in water industry applications, such as level measurement in bore holes.


New technology at water treatment plant improves THM control

Toowoomba Regional Council's Yarraman WTP struggled with trihalomethane failures until new technology improved sludge control and TOC.

Sewage treatment plant trials new method to measure sludge

A trial study of sensor-based technology at Unitywater's Kenilworth Sewage Treatment Plant has revealed an accurate, time- and cost-saving method to measure sludge.

Time for a closer look at nitrates?

The NIWA investigates whether we need to monitor nitrate concentration continuously and looks at progress in practical nitrate monitoring.



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