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Campbell Scientific Aust Pty Ltd

Campbell Scientific Australia supplies a complete range of data acquisition systems, data loggers, sensors, weather stations, peripherals and telemetry options for all environmental and hydrological applications. CSA products are globally renowned for their robustness, reliability and flexibility in the field. Free technical support - Custom data logger programming - Pre-assembly and system wiring - Repairs and calibration.

Phone: 07 4401 7700
Fax: 07 4755 0355
411 Bayswater Road , Garbutt QLD 4814 (Directions)


Campbell Scientific CRS451 and CRS456 water-level recording sensors

The Campbell Scientific CRS451 water-level recording sensor, contained in a compact stainless steel case, consists of a water level and water temperature sensor that has its own clock and memory to store collected data.

Campbell Scientific NL240 Wireless Network Link

The NL240 is a wireless networking peripheral that provides Wi-Fi connectivity to Campbell Scientific data loggers and peripheral devices over standard 802.11b/g/n networks. It is a low-power device that offers powerful PakBus networking capabilities but is easy to configure.

Campbell Scientific LW110 lightning warning system

The Campbell Scientific LW110 lightning warning system provides continuous monitoring of a local electric field and triggers warnings when there is potential for lightning. Because warnings are based on measurements of electric field, instead of prior strikes, the system can detect lightning danger, even when no other strikes have occurred.

Campbell Scientific CS120 atmospheric visibility sensor

The CS120 is an infrared forward scatter visibility sensor for road, marine and airport-based weather stations. It uses infrared forward-scatter technology with a 42° scatter angle that provides accurate measurements in fog and snow.

Campbell Scientific Irgason integrated gas analyser and sonic anemometer

The Irgason integrated in-situ, open-path analyser and sonic anemometer can be used for eddy-covariance flux measurements. It simultaneously measures absolute carbon-dioxide and water-vapour densities, air temperature, barometric pressure, three-dimensional wind speed and sonic air temperature.

Campbell Scientific PVS4150C portable water sampler

The PVS4150C portable water sampler can be used for stormwater, wastewater or other water-quality applications.

Campbell Scientific portable automatic water samplers

Campbell Scientific offers both portable and stationary automatic water samplers for stormwater, wastewater or other water-quality applications. These samplers use external vacuum pumps to draw water through intake tubing, instead of the traditional peristaltic pumps that induce flow by squeezing flexible tubing.

Campbell Scientific OBS500 submersible turbidity probe

The OBS500 submersible turbidity probe with active antifouling capabilities is suitable for improved measurements in biologically active water with both high and low turbidity.

Campbell Scientific FireHawk 500 quick-deployment fire weather station

The FireHawk 500 quick-deployment fire weather station can be used in extreme environments to alert and notify of changing weather conditions. It incorporates a WeatherHawk 520 weather station with an RF411 radio kit, SP2 solar panel-mounted on a rapid deployment tripod.

Hydrosense II handheld display and soil moisture sensor

The Hydrosense II compact measurement system has a handheld display and soil moisture sensor and allows precise, three-dimensional representation of playing fields. It features an easy-insertion soil probe and a clear, large LCD with button layout that allows one-handed operation in the field.

Campbell Scientific CWS900 wireless sensor interface

The CWS900 wireless sensor interface allows a variety of sensors to be used in a wireless sensor network. It can be used for making measurements in locations where the use of cabled sensors is inappropriate, including when it is important to increase the number of measurements being made but the data logger does not have enough available channels left for attaching additional sensor cables.

Campbell Scientific CWS220A wireless infrared radiometer

The CWS220A is a wireless version of the Campbell Scientific SI-111 infrared radiometer and is suitable for making measurements in locations where the use of cabled sensors is problematic, including some applications where measurements need to be made at distances where long cables decrease the quality of the measurement or are too expensive.

Campbell Scientific SG000 Strike Guard optical-coincidence lightning sensor

The SG000 Strike Guard optical-coincidence lightning sensor detects cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning within a 30 km radius. To prevent false alarms, the system requires an optical signal to coincide with a magnetic-field-change signal before reporting lightning.

WeatherHawk 520 bushfire emergency weather stations

Fire professionals need powerful, portable technologies to assist in making strategic decisions in times of emergency, for resource planning and for scheduled fire management programs. The WeatherHawk 520 is a simple, quick, monitoring and reporting system that can be used in extreme environments to alert and notify of changing weather conditions. When bundled with a solar power supply, the station can work as a drop-and-run, back-to-base weather station, suitable for multiple placements when real-time reporting is essential.

Campbell Scientific EC150 analyser and CSAT3A sonic anemometer

The EC150 in-situ open path analyser is designed for eddy covariance flux measurements. As a stand-alone analyser, it simultaneously measures absolute carbon dioxide and water vapour densities, air temperature and barometric pressure. With the optional CSAT3A sonic anemometer head, the device also measures three-dimensional wind speed and sonic air temperature.

Campbell Scientific HMP155A air temperature and RH sensor

The HMP155A is an air temperature and relative humidity (RH) sensor that provides measurements for a wide range of applications and can be used as part of a weather station system or as a single instrument.

Campbell Scientific HydroSense water content sensor system

The HydroSense water content sensor system combines a compact, handheld display and a soil water sensing probe in a portable package to provide quick and reliable soil water content measurements.

Campbell Scientific CS547A conductivity sensor

The CS547A conductivity sensor measures the electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids and temperature of water and is suitable in most surface water, laboratory and industrial applications.

Sensorex CS511 dissolved oxygen probe

The Sensorex CS511 rugged, low-maintenance sensor consists of a self-polarising galvanic cell that generates a millivolt signal proportional to the amount of oxygen present in the measured medium (typically water).

Campbell Scientific SR50A sonic ranging sensor

The SR50A sonic ranging sensor was designed to meet the strict requirements of snow depth measurement and is suitable for many different applications.

Campbell Scientific CNR4 net radiometer

The CNR4 is a research-grade net radiometer that measures the energy balance between incoming and outgoing radiation.

Campbell Scientific 109-L temperature probe

The 109-L temperature probe has been designed to operate with the CR200 range of data loggers. The probe accurately measures the temperature of air, water or soil in a range of applications.

Vaisala CS106 barometer

The Vaisala CS106 barometer is claimed to provides accurate, reliable measurements of barometric pressure from 500 to 1100 mb (approximately sea level to 3658 m).

Campbell Scientific CR200X series data loggers

Campbell Scientific has replaced the CR200 series data loggers with the CR200X series data loggers that feature expanded memory for the program and operating system (OS).

Campbell Scientific DMM600 duff moisture meter

The Campbell Scientific DMM600 duff moisture meter measures volumetric water content of organic forest floor material. It is a portable, battery-powered device that uses measurement methods sensitive to the dielectric properties of the material being measured.

Campbell Scientific CR800 series data loggers

The CR800 series data loggers are a complete measurement and control system designed to take over from the previous CR510 data logger. The two data loggers are suitable for small to medium long term or remote applications, but with added peripherals can be used in large projects.

Campbell Scientific CR1000 data loggers

The CR1000 measurement and control module replaces the CR10 series data logger and is suitable for long-term, remote deployment under a wide range of applications and industries, including the environmental, hydrological, mining and geotechnical sectors.

Low power digital camera

The CC640 digital camera is a low powered, digital camera designed to operate either standalone or in conjunction with a data logger and telemetry system. As a standalone camera and image storage device, it can operate automatically via an in-built timer or be triggered by an external 5 V source. Images are stored on a flash card for later retrieval by PC.


Campbell Scientific acquires Sirco water-sampling systems range

Campbell Scientific has acquired the Sirco range of water-sampling systems that can be used to monitor water quality, including stormwater, wastewater, groundwater sampling and other water-quality monitoring applications.



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