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Australian Pump Industries Pty Ltd

Pump and high pressure water blaster manufacturer. Also drain cleaners and grafite removal machines.

Phone: 02 9894 4144
Fax: 02 9894 4240
7 Gladstone Road , Castle Hill NSW 2154 (Directions)


Tsurumi C Series cutter pumps

Tsurumi has produced the C Series range of cutter pumps, designed to chop up oversized, fibrous waste material.

Tsurumi 1000 V submersible dewatering pumps

Tsurumi's 1000 V submersible dewatering pumps were specifically designed to withstand the punishing conditions found in mining sites. The three-phase pumps have flows of up to 6500 L/min and maximum head of up to 200 m.

Aussie Pumps Aussie BB100HTP portable hydrostatic tester

The Aussie Pumps portable hydrostatic tester, Aussie BB100HTP, can detect leaks and check the integrity of water pipes.

Australian Pump Aussie Site Boss trolley-mounted trash pump

The Aussie Site Boss is a heavy-duty, trolley-mounted 4″ trash pump designed for tough dewatering and water-supply applications in the hire, construction, mine and quarry markets. It can be moved safely on site without personal risk or tying up expensive lifting plant.

Tsurumi LH4110-W dewatering pump

Tsurumi has introduced a heavy-duty dewatering pump, 592 mm in diameter, which delivers heads of up to 200 m and a maximum flow of 1000 L/min. The LH4110-W pump is suitable for mining engineers and quarry and construction operators carrying out dewatering duties.

Aussie Auto-Prime dry prime dewatering pumps

Australian Pump Industries has launched its latest range of dry prime dewatering pumps. The range includes a 3, 4 and 6″ dewatering pump and is said to simplify the complex design of other manufacturers, making maintenance easier.

Bertolini CAX triplex pumps

Bertolini's CAX series triplex pumps are designed for pressures up to 750 bar (10,875 psi). Based on the company's CX series, the pump has applications in reverse osmosis, desalination, food, petrochemical and chemical industries.

Australian Pump Industries hydrotesters

Australian Pump Industries has developed a complete range of hydrostatic test equipment designed for testing underground and surface-mounted pipelines.

Tsurumi KTZ series 1000 V mining pumps

Tsurumi has introduced 1000 V versions of the KTZ series mining pumps. The machines are three-phase, cast iron dewatering pumps previously only available in 415 V configuration.

Tsurumi Pump KTV slurry pump

Moving thick slurries when dewatering on site is a challenge for submersible pumps, so Tsurumi Pump has developed a series for this application. The KTV is a cast iron, heavy-duty slurry pump with an integrated agitator, which stirs the solids-laded liquid so that suction is smooth and efficient.

Tsurumi TM Series submersible pumps

A range of submersible pumps designed for corrosive liquids, including seawater, has been released. The saltwater subs are intended for a wide range of duties, from aquaculture to chemical spill containment.

Tsurumi Pump cast 316 stainless steel SFQ series pumps

Cast 316 stainless steel SFQ series pumps, supplied by Australian Pump Industries, are specifically designed for corrosive water applications. They are used around the world in industrial and even marine applications.

Bertolini RA series 500 bar triplex piston pumps

A range of cast 316 stainless steel high-pressure piston pumps, designed for both cleaning and industrial applications, has been released by Australian Pump Industries.

Tsurumi KTV compact slurry pumps

A compact, portable submersible pump with a powerful agitator for draining slurry and pumping sediment is now available from Australian Pump Industries. The product is made by submersible pump manufacturer Tsurumi, and is aimed at the concrete mixing and batch plant market.

Tsurumi PU sump pump series

The Tsurumi PU series automatic submersible sump pump system is designed to be simple to set, without the complication and expense of a control box. This means no additional wiring or power is required, other than the standard pump power cable.

Australian Pump Industries Aussie Super Indy Mk III steam pressure cleaner

A stainless steel, heavy-duty steam pressure cleaner has been released by Australian Pump Industries. The Aussie Super Indy Mk III is designed for applications where hot water is required to dissolve grease and oil, such as in the mining and construction industries.

Aussie Scud high-pressure cleaning system

The Aussie Scud series system is a complete range of pressure cleaners and accessories designed to provide more cost-effective cleaning solutions, with minimal environmental impact.

Tsurumi B series channel impeller-style submersible sewage pumps

The Tsurumi B series channel impeller-style submersible sewage pumps, suitable for heavy-duty sewage and wastewater handling applications, are available from 50 to 800 mm discharge bores and with flows of up to 150,000 L/min. The largest pump in the range is driven by a 110 kW motor.

Tsurumi KTV submersible dewatering pumps

The KTV series of heavy-duty submersible dewatering pumps manufactured by Tsurumi Pump is designed to provide the construction and mining applications with reliability. The series provides capacities of up to 2300 L/min flow and heads as high as 50 m. The complete series of pumps with bores from 50 mm (2), all the way through to 150 mm (6) are available in three-phase, 2-pole configuration and standard cast iron body construction.



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