Productivity improving options


New single point supply to increase productivity

Polibrid 705EA from AkzoNobel is a two-component solvent-free elastomeric urethane. The chemically resistant product can be applied by heated, twin-feed airless spray. Polibrid 705E has outstanding impact and abrasion resistance combined with an ability to withstand a range of chemicals. It is the ideal engineering solution for environments where conventional coatings fail.

Adding to the 25+ year track record of Polibrid 705E, AkzoNobel now supply new productivity improving options.

Twin cartridge spray gun

This new, highly portable application method substantially reduces setup time when compared to conventional plural spray technology. Suitable for applying Polibrid 705E in small to mid-size areas as well as repair of existing installed systems. Both gun and twin-cartridge are supplied by AkzoNobel.

Polibrid 670S Primer

Polibrid 670S aids application of Polibrid 705E and replaces an existing primer system.

  • Reduced blast profile depth from 90 µm min to 75 µm min.
  • When applied to concrete, pin-holing in Polibrid 705E can be reduced to zero without the need to use Geotextile.
  • Adds flexibility to application schedules — quick primer application can be used for blast holding.


Low cost to set up, removes the requirement for expensive plural spray equipment and compressors.

Compact and easily transported equipment.

Pre-measured Polibrid 705E Part A and Part B cartridges.

Ideal for small area coating and repair projects.

Based on the Polibrid 705E proven technology platform.

Disposable cartridge and static mixer.


Small area coating and repair projects can be completed cost effectively.

Ideal for smaller-sized jobs and where access costs are high.

Reduces the chance of mixing ratio issues for small area coating and repairs, increases productivity.

Increases productivity through reduced setup time and controls coating and application costs.

Proven performance in service. Suitable for concrete and steel maintenance and new construction.

No equipment clean-up time or cost.


AkzoNobel supply a premium quality Geotextile for use in conjunction with Polibrid 705E. This geotextile can be used to maximise system life over new and old concrete as well as concrete substrates in poor condition.

  • Reduced concrete repair costs prior to Polibrid application.
  • Ability to withstand dynamic cracking in substrate.
  • High quality heat setting means minimal pin-holing.

Expert advice

AkzoNobel have several lining specialists with extensive project experience. To protect concrete or steel, AkzoNobel can offer:

  • Productivity and cost saving solutions for the protection of new assets or in the maintenance of aged infrastructure.
  • Training and on-site assistance.
  • Solutions to minimise the life cycle costs of assets in the water, waste water and mining industries.

Image credit: © Ellen-Johnson

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