Less talk, more TORQUE

SEW-Eurodrive Pty Ltd
Monday, 21 March, 2022

So how is it possible to achieve such improvement in the performance of these small right-angle gear units? by combining expanded calculation options with the potential of SEW’s new premium gear oil. At least, this is how the experts in our development department did it. The result is a huge and permanent performance boost for our small SPIROPLAN® gear units.

The small SPIROPLAN gear units have been very successful on the market for years due to their outstanding characteristics. Our engineers have now taken things to the next level. They have managed to boost the torque of the right-angle gear units by between 4% and — wait for it — a whopping 115%. All this simply by using new calculation methods and SEW GearOil Poly 460 W gear oil.

For you, this means higher service factors (fB) and therefore greater reliability when using gear units. You have more flexibility in selecting your drives thanks to a wider range of variants. For new projects, it is also possible to consider using a smaller gear unit size. Furthermore, this opens up some new gear unit-motor combinations that we have included in the new catalogs. It is also important that the permitted overhung load on the output end for the gearmotors is not affected by the higher permissible torque. Certain new combinations of the W..10 with the DRN71.. and DR2S71.. motors require new rotor shafts. We have made these from higher-quality material and further hardened them at the shaft shoulder. As a result, these combinations now also meet the safety requirements associated with the higher torques.



New calculations make it possible — in combination with our new SEW GearOil, we are now able to offer you higher permissible torques for our small SPIROPLAN series of right-angle gear units. Our sizes W..10, W..20 and W..30 in particular benefit from this, especially in the small gear ratio range. Moreover, you benefit from a torque boost of up to 115%.


Why not consider downsizing? With the increased torques, you can now accommodate higher torques in a smaller space. Basically, this means you can use smaller sizes for your new projects in the future. Or you now have greater safety reserves in your existing systems.


Our new lubricants in the SEW GearOil Poly series increase the performance of the gear units by reducing friction in the gearing and enhancing heat dissipation. SEW GearOil Poly 460 W was developed specifically for SPIROPLAN gear units. It forms an ideal lubrication film on the gear wheels that increases the service life of both the lubricant and the wear parts such as bearings and sealing rings.


The torque boost does not negatively impact any of the many other positive factors. Even when applied to gearmotors, the SPIROPLAN design achieves greater efficiency while continuing to offer the low-noise operation you’re familiar with. Combined with our new, small DRN.. motors (DRN63.., DRN71.. and DRN80..), you can achieve energy efficiency class IE3 easily and cost-effectively.

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