Advanced IoT-Based Monitoring System for Flood Prevention and Sewage Monitoring

Bestech Australia Pty Ltd
Thursday, 06 April, 2023

Advanced IoT-Based Monitoring System for Flood Prevention and Sewage Monitoring

Tidal/Flood gates are designed to protect the local residents and communities from floods. They are installed in high-risk areas to control water flow entering the municipalities. The gates are closed when the flood alert is issued or the abnormal water level is detected. Otherwise, they can be left open during normal operations to open access through the riverway.

This system has prevented flooding in Venice, London and many other high-risk cities. In this system, the gates can communicate with each other via a network and are equipped with intelligent control and monitoring systems. The collected data, including current weather conditions, sea currents, etc, is sent to the central control room to help operators decide when to close the gates.

Flood gates operate pneumatically by pumping air into the gates which allows them to rise to form a protective barrier. For safety purposes, the measurement data from sensors had to be extremely precise and accurate to control and monitor the gates.

Bestech Australia provides high-precision sensors and data acquisition for test and measurement applications. The high-accuracy KELLER 33x pressure transmitter has been used in the design of floodgates. It offers an extremely high accuracy measurement within 0.01% of full scale due to its built-in microprocessor with an integrated 16-bit A/D converter. This allows the sensor to adjust for the effect of temperature and non-linearity via mathematical compensation.

An independent data recorder and a remote transmitter can be installed for a more sophisticated system. This configuration can transmit the data from the monitoring sites to the control room over the GSM mobile phone network via SMS, e-mail or FTP to provide real-time warning of a possible flooding event.

This advanced IoT-based monitoring system provides several benefits:

  • Able to issue advanced warnings to all areas.
  • Early identification of potential floods, enabling appropriate measures to be taken.
  • Real-time monitoring.

Other Applications: Sewage Monitoring and Control System

Our pressure transmitters have been widely used for water level monitoring and the design of flood prevention systems due to their high accuracy and reliability for long-term measurement. The benefit comes in the flexibility to customize the sensors to fit almost all industrial applications, from test and measurement to large-volume OEM manufacturers. Customers can choose from various pressure ranges, output signals and electrical connections to fit the sensors into their specific requirements.

For example, Bestech has supplied sewage pressure sensors to the local water authority in Australia to monitor and regulate real-time peak flow in a pressure sewage system. The purpose is to achieve operational efficiency through dynamic management of sewage flow, which also minimizes spill risk as each tank is remotely monitored and controlled.

Sewage pressure transmitters must possess superior toughness and abrasion resistance as they operate in harsh and challenging environments. The sensor head should also be designed such that materials do not get stuck on the diaphragm which will return erroneous measurements. Our engineers design and test these sensors in our in-house facility in Melbourne to ensure they meet the customer requirements.

Offering more than 40 years of industrial experience, Bestech Australia supplies high-precision sensor technology from world-leading suppliers to support test and measurement applications in Australia and New Zealand. We complement this with our own design and full local technical support to assist you until the completion of your projects.

For more information, contact 03 9540 5100 or to speak with one of our engineers regarding your measurement challenges.

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