Gorman-Rupp EchoStorm static venturi aeration devices

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Wednesday, 01 March, 2023

Gorman-Rupp EchoStorm static venturi aeration devices

The EchoStorm, by Gorman-Rupp, is a high-quality range of static venturi aeration devices installed in-line on the discharge side of self-priming pumps to introduce dissolved oxygen into the liquid being pumped. The liquid is moved through the internal nozzle creating a Venturi Effect. Air is drawn into the body of the EchoStorm which mixes and oxygenates the liquid.

As these units are mounted on the bank (instead of floating on the water or being submerged in it), access is much less complicated and safer, while delivering oxygen transfer outcomes. Unlike other methods of aeration, no rowboats, cranes or tethers are needed by operators to access them for monitoring, maintenance or repair.

Applications for Venturi Aerators

EchoStorm venturi aerators can be used to treat wastewater, add oxygen to water bodies, blue-green algae treatment and lake destratification.

Wastewater Treatment

EchoStorm units are used to reduce BOD, COD and NH3 from wastewater, and also used to strip substances with low Henry’s Constants such as CO2 and VOCs.

Units not only add dissolved oxygen to wastewater bodies, but they also provide an excellent mixing action and “condition” the wastewater. Conditioning occurs in the mixing zone of the unit, “smashing” larger pieces into smaller ones, making more surface area available for biological treatment.

Improve Lake Health

Echostorm units can be used to add oxygen to water bodies as well as destratification and algae removal.

Adding dissolved oxygen is one component of keeping water bodies healthy, but because the Echostorm suction and discharge points can be set at any level and in any direction, correcting stratification is another component. As well as this, EchoStorm units treat algae by breaking the vacuoles within algae cells, making them sink and depriving them of the necessary components for growth (CO2 and sunlight).

Why use an EchoStorm Venturi Aerator?

The main reasons for using EchoStorm venturi aerators are safety, ease of installation and life cycle cost.

Echo-Storm aerators are mounted on the bank of the lagoon, so installation generally means laying a small slab to mount the pump and providing any necessary pipe supports for suction and discharge lines.

After that, monitoring and maintenance is both easy and safe, making it much more cost effective for the life of the installation. And because they are located on the bank, they are much more likely to get that preventative maintenance that is often neglected when operators need boats, tethers or cranes to access them — ensuring a long service life.

Easy to Maintain

Because all the mechanical equipment is located outside of lagoons or tanks, pumps and the Venturi Aerator are easily accessed for maintenance. No need for boats to get to the equipment, or long and expensive walkways, or for long tether and winch systems to drag pontoons in.

Gorman-Rupp pumps are the easiest pumps to maintain, and the Venturi Aerator has no moving parts and just a few bolts to access liner or nozzle.

How to apply EchoStorm Venturi Aerators

Echo-Storm venturi-aeration Engineers can work out the size and type of system required if given the right information. The types of information needed is as follows:

  • The size of the tank or lagoon (Length x Width x Depth)
  • The amount of inflow into the tank or lagoon
  • The type of application (wastewater treatment, maintaining D.O. levels, destratification etc)
  • The goal of the treatment (increase dissolved oxygen, reduce BOD or COD, increase pH levels, destratification, oxidation of the fluid, odour reduction etc)
  • The target of the treatment

The aerator is available in a range of sizes to meet the aeration needs of multiple industries, including municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and potable water treatment. Units are available in sizes: 50 mm; 75 mm; 100 mm; and 150 mm. Applications requiring more oxygen than the largest unit can deliver, can use multiple units.

Whether you need a complete replacement to your existing aerator or an enhancement to your existing operation, the EchoStorm venturi aerator offers an innovative and convenient approach to your aeration needs.

  • Odour Control
  • Sludge Digestion
  • Wastewater Aeration
  • Lake Destratification
  • Septage treatment
  • Increase levels of Dissolved Oxygen
  • Reduction in Chemical Oxygen Demand
Simple, Uncomplicated Design

When The EchoStorm aerator is used with Gorman-Rupp pumps, there is no need for pontoons, walkways, intricate retrieval systems, or special sumps. Pumps and Aeration system are mounted on simple concrete plinths on the side of lagoons or on the side of tanks.


The EchoStorm Venturi Aeration systems’ efficiency is dependent on the efficiency of the pump used to provide water to the system, and because Gorman-Rupp produces efficient pumps, standard oxygen transfer rates can be as high as 1.69.

Low cost of Ownership

Because Venturi Aeration systems are on the “bank”, there is no requirement for cranes, multiple operators using boats or winches and no need to remove equipment from service. One operator can perform routing (or major) maintenance events with basic hand tools in minutes, not hours. This has a tremendous effect on the “bottom line” when extrapolated over years of service.

Safe for Operators

Operators do not need to row in boats to a Venturi Aeration system and they don’t have to walk across narrow planks to “board” their aeration system. The work does not need to be done in the middle of a lagoon. Operators can safely access a Venturi Aerator and its pump.

These products are of high quality and are relied upon by industry leaders around the world.

For more information: https://www.hydroinnovations.com.au/pumps/echo-storm-water-aerator


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