EMI Controls H1 Dust Control System

Thursday, 12 November, 2020 | Supplied by: Tecpro Australia

Italian emission control company EMI Controls has developed the H1 Dust Control System, a versatile misting system that’s tailored to suit each application — large or small.

The H1 Dust Control System is suitable for use in: materials bulk handling equipment; conveyors and transfer points; open storage facilities; odour control in composting plants; crushers; hoppers and bins; and haul roads.

At the heart of the H1 system is the pump. Available in a variety of sizes, H1 Pumps include robust pistons to reach pressures that produce the optimal water droplet size, binding dust and odours without wetting or puddling. Depending on the pump size selected, the H1 Pumps have a flow rate of 1–21 L/min and can generate up to 100 bar of pressure. In fact, pressure levels can be adjusted for each pump. These pumps are particularly well suited for intensive use.

For small plants, the H1 Box is lightweight, compact and easy to fit into tight spaces or onto machinery. It is also suitable for transport between sites.

For a complete solution there is the H1 Station, which can accommodate up to four independent pumps, a control cabinet and self-cleaning filters.

The H1 Trailer is a mobile solution containing two pumps, self-cleaning filter, 50 m-long high-pressure hose and 20 m-long supply line for complete mobility and temporary dust control installations.

For large-scale or harsh environments, there is the H1 Swing and H1 Proxy Rotating Dust Control Heads. Able to cover over 500 m2 (without wind), they are specifically designed for large construction sites, industrial plants, composting facilities, storage areas, dusty roads and similar applications. Their spray heads are made from AISI 304 stainless steel to produce a high concentration of 10 micron droplets to abate breathable dust particles from 0.1–1000 microns.

All H1 Dust Control Systems come with automation options which can be installed with new or existing systems. When paired with the software known as CURT (Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines), they offer a fully automated, site-wide monitoring and control system that is managed from a centralised control room.

CURT uses a combination of sensors and measurement devices to monitor onsite atmospheric and operational conditions to activate or deactivate the site’s various dust control systems. The automated system minimises water and energy usage as equipment is only activated when required. It also eliminates operator error and enhances onsite safety.

In Australia, the H1 Dust Suppression System is exclusively available from Tecpro Australia.

Online: www.tecpro.com.au
Phone: 02 9634 3370
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