Citect SCADA lives on as AVEVA Plant SCADA

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Thursday, 07 April, 2022

Citect SCADA lives on as AVEVA Plant SCADA

For over thirty-five years, Citect delivered innovative, reliable, and flexible SCADA software that enabled companies across the globe to optimize industrial processes, improve situational awareness, and make real-time decisions based on accurate information. Citect is synonymous with excellence in SCADA solutions in the Asia Pacific region. With the combined strength of AVEVA and Schneider Electric Software, Citect SCADA became Plant SCADA to continue its legacy as a reliable, flexible, and high-performance Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software solution for industrial process customers.

With the launch of AVEVA™ Plant SCADA 2020 R2, Citect SCADA took on a new name and a new role as an integrated part of the AVEVA Operations Control portfolio. Plant SCADA includes upgrades that allow users to access the full value of AVEVA’s operations control software, from the edge to the enterprise.

AVEVA Plant SCADA continues to provide secure and safe supervisory control and monitoring of disparate critical infrastructure for industrial processes to increase returns and reduce operating costs, while improving productivity and product quality.

AVEVA Plant SCADA enhances excellent capabilities

The AVEVA Plant SCADA web client provides a new thin client solution with HTML5 visualization to desktop browsers and mobile devices. The modern graphics editor, new graphics technology like Industrial Graphics, and new web runtime experience are available alongside the legacy graphics tools and high-performance desktop runtime you’re already familiar with.

Improved Connectivity (IPv6, OPC-UA Server)

Plant SCADA 2020 R2 IPv6 addresses are supported throughout the configuration, including PC Network Addresses, I/O Devices (for supported drivers), servers and clients. Plant SCADA also supports native OPC-UA server functionality so you can share your plant data throughout your organization on unified data platforms.

Security Enhancements

  • Permissions are reduced for Plant SCADA, and support was added for virtual service accounts.
  • User groups can restrict access to configuration files (including those on deployment server/client) and Plant SCADA configuration tools.
  • Enhanced IT management supports mapping security groups to Windows Domain groups, including security configurations for deployment, support for Domain groups within Local groups, and support for authentication of Windows users through CtAPI (so you don’t have to manage local users).
  • We extended encryption through ActiveX Web Server connections.

Other Enhancements

We also added the following enhancements to Plant SCADA 2020 R2:

  • Determine how you use graphics library items throughout your project (integrated for both legacy graphics and new Industrial Graphics libraries) within Plant SCADA Studio development.
  • Persistent GoTo Object dialog settings were added to the graphics editor.
  • Display dialogs from the graphics editor on your chosen monitor.
  • Hide the ‘Add’ button in Special Days view of the BACnet Scheduler during the runtime.

More Than a Name Change

The name may have changed to AVEVA Plant SCADA, but everything that made Citect great remains, helping it retain its position as a reliable, flexible, and scalable SCADA solution.

Long-time users of Citect SCADA will find even more capabilities with AVEVA Plant SCADA. That’s because AVEVA is committed to investing in the future development of AVEVA Plant SCADA, with a roadmap that focuses technological trends for a SCADA software ready for anything.

Online Upgrade

Online upgrades are available for version 7 and above to AVEVA Plant SCADA 2020 R2 (version 8.3).

Get ready for more

The same team who brought you Citect SCADA are dedicated to the future development of AVEVA Plant SCADA as a world-class industrial software solution, ensuring a seamless transition from one version to the next. With continued R&D and investment — get ready for more features, functionality and releases.

Schneider Electric — AVEVA Select Distributor

Schneider Electric recently announced that they signed on as the first AVEVA Select distributor in the Asia Pacific region.

This agreement gives Schneider Electric access to the full portfolio of AVEVA’s leading-edge industrial software solutions. The combined strength of the partnership accelerates your journey to industry 4.0 and helps you meet end-to-end digital transformation requirements with unified platforms for operations.

The AVEVA Select partnership helps Schneider Electric’s customers optimise engineering, operations, and asset performance using both proven and cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, industrial IoT, big data, cloud, and hybrid-cloud capabilities.

Bringing together the expertise and leading-edge industrial software of the two companies, the partnership delivers scalable and flexible end-to-end solutions that power your workforce, information and technology capabilities to support the complete industrial lifecycle — on budget and on time.

Joint customers will benefit from proven best practices, finely-honed efficiencies, and extensive sector-specific expertise. With Schneider’s strong ecosystem of delivery and technology partners, the new partnership will help you expedite your digital transformation.

Ready to find out more or upgrade to AVEVA Plant SCADA?

AVEVA and Schneider Electric always recommend using the most recent versions of software to mitigate security risks and ensure you have access to all the latest features and capabilities. If you’re currently a user of Citect SCADA, now is a fantastic time to consider an update to AVEVA Plant SCADA. If you’re new to the solution — contact our team to request a demo to see how AVEVA Plant SCADA can reduce your operating costs and improve productivity and product quality.

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