Energy-saving compressed air for sustainable growth

Kaishan Australia Pty Ltd

Thursday, 28 September, 2023

Energy-saving compressed air for sustainable growth

With a renewed emphasis on local manufacture, there is an increased demand for economical, sustainable compressed air generation to power machinery and tools across a wide variety of industries. Opportunities in manufacturing of scientific instruments, new-age technologies and equipment and a return to home-grown design and engineering has created a demand for new generation, highly efficient air compressors and ancillary equipment.

Growth of new industries sees the need for existing manufacturers to upgrade their equipment to the new world standards required to compete in both the local and international markets.

With energy costs rising constantly, compressed air reliant industries need to lower the cost of energy input while maintaining or increasing compressed air power output. This can be achieved by upgrading outdated equipment and offsetting capital expenditure with energy savings over years of operations.

To ensure these energy saving measures are maintained at peak operating efficiencies, trained support and service teams are required for new equipment installations and regular service programs.

Sustainable strategies for high efficiency compressed air power

Using the latest advances in global compressed air technology, Australian industry can operate with a viable compressed air source well into the future.

The development of highly automated functioning of industrial air compressors through variable speed drives programs the compressors to provide for fluctuating demands in production schedules, thereby using less energy across multiple applications.

Advanced 2-stage compressors split the compression ratio over two distinctive airends resulting in around 3:1 ratios across each. The result is less slippage, lower bearing loads and, with intercooling, higher outputs for the installed motor power. The output of a 2-stage compressor is typically around 20% higher than an equivalent single-stage compressor.

Kaishan’s new-age, permanent magnet, variable frequency, 2-stage compressors use the latest energy-saving technologies to provide an optimised advanced compressor unit. Precision airend dynamics are integrated with the latest in permanent magnet motors requiring lower kW input to provide required air demand. When PMFV is applied through two-stage technology models it can provide up to 50% increased efficiency over conventional compressor types.

Kaishan Compressors supply and service energy-efficient air compressors for all types and sizes of industry over a wide range of applications. The global manufacturer places R&D high on its priorities to ensure it’s proactive in the development of advanced technologies and engineering solutions that will benefit industry throughout the world while reducing energy consumption for environmental sustainability.

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