LCpro+ portable gas exchange system

31 May, 2010 | Supplied by: Anri Instruments & Controls Pty Ltd

The LCpro+ is an extended CO2 range gas exchange system suitable for both plant physiology and soil science. Designed and manufactured by ADC BioScientific, the unit is now available with either a 0-2000 or 0-3000 ppm CO2 range.

BP Solar Energiser Kit

31 May, 2010 | Supplied by: RFI Technology Solutions

The BP Solar Energiser Kit is an all-in-one solar electricity kit for businesses. Modular and easy to install, it is claimed users will generate more energy from the kit compared to most other modules over the life of the system.

Measuring energy efficiencies in buildings

31 May, 2010 | Supplied by: Fluke Australia Pty Ltd

Troubleshooting energy efficiency for buildings may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack; but for the sustainability team at real estate group Mirvac, it’s all in a day’s work.

Dutch electric car project paves the way for Australia

26 May, 2010

As Australia launches its first public electric car charging station in Sydney, Logica has announced it is working with the Dutch foundation company to lay down the national infrastructure necessary to roll out 10,000 charging stations for electric cars in the Netherlands. In one of the world’s first major electric car trials, Logica’s systems will provide the backbone for a range of services that will be developed for clients using the charging stations.

Radox Solar assemblies

24 May, 2010 | Supplied by: Huber+Suhner Aust Pty Ltd

Radox Solar assemblies are now available from Huber+Suhner. The premade assemblies will enable solar panel installers to complete wiring quickly and efficiently.

Thiess-Silex Solar Consortium a major bidder to build large-scale solar PV power station

12 May, 2010

The consortium between Thiess and Silex Systems has confirmed its interest in constructing Australia’s first solar photovoltaic power station as part of the Commonwealth’s Solar Flagships program.

Australia’s biggest-ever renewable energy conference begins

03 May, 2010

Adelaide is hosting the biggest renewable energy conference in Australia’s history as more than 700 delegates gather to prepare for a multi-billion dollar expansion of the clean energy industry over the next decade.

Dunedin launches biodiesel consortium

03 May, 2010

Dunedin is to be the first city in New Zealand to launch a community biodiesel initiative that will make biodiesel available to anyone who joins the consortium.

Alice Springs to shine its solar reputation at airport

23 April, 2010

Alice Springs’ growing reputation as the solar centre of Australia will soon be evident to every person who arrives by air, when the Alice Springs airport becomes the first airport in Australia to be powered by a large-scale solar power station.

World-first study for cleaner aviation fuel

21 April, 2010

CSIRO, together with Australasia’s major aviation players, is leading a world-first study to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from air transport by helping to develop a sustainable aviation fuels industry.

National Solar Schools Program

01 April, 2010 | Supplied by: ABB Australia Pty Ltd

ABB has announced that the recently developed S800PV circuit breakers have been used successfully in solar power applications in Australian schools. Designed specifically for the photovoltaic (PV) industry, ABB’s S800PV high-performance miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and IP65 enclosures are protecting Australian schools’ investment in green energy, including the recently installed 6 kW solar power system at Wenona girls school in Sydney.

Belkin Components Conserve Surge Protector with wireless remote

25 March, 2010 | Supplied by: Belkin Components

The energy-saving Conserve Surge Protector with wireless remote makes it simple to eliminate wasteful standby power, helping businesses reduce energy consumption, save on energy bills and lower overall impact on the environment.

Carbonetix Carbon Real-Time energy monitoring system

25 March, 2010 | Supplied by: Carbonetix

Carbon Real-Time is a low-cost electricity usage monitor which is used to identify energy waste.

Efficiency Matrix Halogen Mitt and LED Mitt

25 March, 2010 | Supplied by: Efficiency Matrix

Halogen downlight fittings are a popular lighting option; however, by their nature they can be inefficient and dangerous. The major inefficiency effects include draughts, convection currents and thermal bridging (bypassing insulation). From a safety perspective, trapped debris in recessed light fittings can also create a potential fire hazard.

LumiDas 8W-LEDD-FW LED downlight lamp

23 March, 2010 | Supplied by: Eco Smart Lighting

The LumiDas 8W-LEDD-FW is an LED downlight lamp fitting that provides an energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solution. The product provides a similar light level brightness as a 50 W halogen lamp but only uses 8 W.

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