Broadening the horizon for biofuels

15 September, 2006

New Zealand needs to explore novel sources for producing biofuels if it is to play a greater role in meeting our energy needs, according to researchers at the University of Auckland.

Solar energy pays

15 September, 2006

"Solar energy businesses can increase in value even faster than oil wells," said Australian entrepreneur and scientist Dr Zhengrong Shi.

Potential for biofuels discussed

24 August, 2006

The Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (AIAST) will hold its annual Conference ‘Biofuels: From Paddock to Pump’ on 19 October 2006 at the Heritage Hotel in Canberra.

Flights pollute more than rail

17 August, 2006

Train Chartering in the UK has highlighted the environmental benefits of train travel compared to air or road transportation by publishing headline facts and figures on

Burning reclaimed waste reduces pollution

11 August, 2006

Thousands of tonnes of hazardous waste are being harnessed to manufacture Australian cement in an initiative to clean up the image of one of the world’s biggest polluting industries.

Ford takes on fuel challenge

04 August, 2006

How much would it cost to drive a family sedan around mainland Australia? Ford Australia believes it can be done for about $1000 in fuel costs.

Air quality monitoring offers mixed news

03 August, 2006

Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and some other greenhouse gases displayed near record growth rates last year. But there was also good news about the state of the atmosphere in 2005.

Airflow measurement station

21 July, 2006 | Supplied by:

The Series FLST Air Measurement Station is easy to install - simply connect the tubing to the integral station fittings and then to a differential pressure transmitter, gauge or switch. The product is suitable for measuring air velocity in HVAC building applications.

Sun and coal

21 July, 2006

Solar thermal energy is emerging as a potentially cost-competitive source of electrical power, especially in combination with clean coal, a new study has found

Portable aerosol particle counter

21 July, 2006 | Supplied by:

The Lighthouse Solair 5200+ is a 0.5 µm 2.0 CFM or 50 L flow rate battery-operated portable particle counter with built-in printer. It provides six channels of simultaneous particle counting information including four inputs for optional environmental sensors. It features a 5.7" colour touch screen display, data storage up to 3000 data records and a stainless steel surrounding cover.

Gas analysis in combustion processes

21 July, 2006 | Supplied by:

The Rosemount Analytical OxyBalance oxygen display and averaging system is used for improving gas analysis in large combustion applications. It provides vital oxygen (O2) data that helps operators set ideal fuel-to-air ratios and effectively balance individual burners or sets of burners. The system provides both the averaging and burner variability information that is critical to operators - ultimately minimising wasted resources and optimising plant efficiency.

Solar power breakthrough- flexible panels

04 July, 2006

Less than four months after signing a $2 million, 2 year contract to demonstrate flexile solar panels based on Dye Solar Cell technology to provide portable and sustainable energy, the project team has met the first major contract milestone.

$24m energy research centre launches in Manchester

30 June, 2006

The Joule Centre for Energy Research will be launched at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry, it is the Northwest’s first centre for the development of sustainable energy technologies.

Applications open for community greenhouse action

26 June, 2006

The Australian Government plans to help local communities, businesses and councils take action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with the availability of grants totalling almost $2.2 million.

Alternative fuel proves to be more cost effective than fossil fuels

23 June, 2006, a company aimed at spreading information about alternative fuels has introduced instructions for making inexpensive alternative fuels at home.

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