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Shining a light on energy savings

29 May, 2012

As electricity prices soar, many commercial and industrial facilities are seeking viable solutions to reducing their energy consumption. Lighting is one area where savings can be made.

Savvy students’ solution can cut costs of power bills

29 May, 2012

Consumers could save on power bills thanks to an energy-saving solution devised by two savvy students at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.

Gas powered retrofit improves building efficiency

20 May, 2012

FMSA recently completed an environmental retrofit of its office building in North Melbourne, which included installation of three 85 kW Yanmar gas powered air conditioning systems. This helped to reduce its energy usage and energy costs while improving the efficiency of its building.

Global Powerstar website launched

02 May, 2012

EMSc (UK), manufacturer of the Star range of energy-saving solutions - including voltage optimisation system Powerstar - has announced the launch of a global, multilanguage website.

Cleaner, greener cold storage

19 April, 2012

Responsible businesses looking for ways to reduce their carbon emissions need to ensure that they are best placed to minimise the potential risks while maximising the rewards. One method that can be implemented to lower carbon emissions and reduce energy costs is the installation of a voltage optimisation system. Powerstar is a triple wound voltage optimisation system that actively reduces a considerable percentage of electrical energy consumption - and Australia’s largest cold-chain logistics service provider has shown just how effective the technology is.

Liquidleds 2U and 3U LED light bulbs

05 April, 2012

2U and 3U LED light bulbs are made specifically for the Australian 240 VAC power supply with a special resistor to protect the bulbs from blowing in case of a voltage surge. The dimmable bulbs offer a 360° warm white light spread, whereas most products offer a beam angle of just 120-270°.

Powerstar triple-wound voltage optimisation system

02 April, 2012

With overvoltage a common problem in Australia, voltage optimisation is emerging as a practical solution to maximise energy savings and carbon reductions. Powerstar is a triple-wound voltage optimisation system, with a patented design, that actively reduces a considerable percentage of electrical energy consumption.

Azelite Azsence 6 and 8″ dimmable recessed downlights

27 March, 2012

The Azelite Azsence 6 and 8″ dimmable recessed downlights are a suitable replacement for conventional PLC and PLT downlights (compact fluorescent downlights).

Powerstar opens Australian office

02 March, 2012

EMSc - one of the UK’s leading energy-saving solutions manufacturers - is expanding into the Asia-Pacific region with the opening of an Australian office for its voltage optimisation solution, Powerstar. Powerstar reduces electrical energy consumption and has been proven to save up to 26.1% of consumed electricity.

Marl 748 series LED floodlight

27 January, 2012

The Marl 748 series floodlight is just 10 cm deep, but delivers 3000 lumens from an input power of just 56 W. The lamp has a rated life of 60,000 h, equivalent to over 13 years at 12 hours per day.

Street lighting energy costs reduced by 80%

22 November, 2011

Street lighting energy costs can be reduced by up to a claimed 80% with the introduction of an Intelligent management system.

LiquidLEDs Lighting LED light bulbs

31 October, 2011 by

LED light bulbs from LiquidLEDs Lighting Corp have been designed to overcome the problem of effective heat dissipation in LEDs using liquid immersed thermal management solution technology, a liquid solution engineered to surround the diodes in LED light bulbs.

enLighten Chamaeleon multifunction LED light

04 August, 2011 by

Chamaeleon is a multifunction LED light that is claimed to save up to 93% on energy costs. It has been trialled by a number of organisations wanting to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

Thermatech paint technology for Colorbond steel

31 March, 2011 by

BlueScope Steel has introduced Thermatech paint technology across the standard Colorbond steel range, which gives a new level of improved thermal performance and provides architects and building designers with an appropriate building material to help fulfil their design briefs while achieving their sustainable objectives.

Philips Master LED bulb

26 March, 2011 by

Royal Philips Electronics has launched its 12 W Master LED bulb which is a light-emitting diode (LED) replacement for a 60 W incandescent light bulb. Business users, particularly hospitality industry professionals and facility managers, will now have an LED alternative to the most commonly used incandescent bulb.

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