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All glass and no privacy makes Jack an uncomfortable apartment dweller

01 December, 2016

Brisbane's newly built apartments are focusing more on good views than their occupants' comfort, according to Associate Professor Rosemary Kennedy.

10 ways to advance the world's energy efficiency improvements

22 November, 2016

The World Energy Council has found that energy efficiency improvements over the last 15 years have saved the world 3.1 gigatonnes (Gt) of primary energy consumption and 7 Gt of CO2, but concludes that much more could and should be done.

Sydney's energy-sharing project

31 October, 2016

The University of Technology Sydney has teamed up with the Central Park urban development project to create what is claimed to be Australia's first district energy-sharing project.

Microgrids and standalone power systems could reduce costs

27 October, 2016

Analysis has found that grid companies could save customers over $1.7 billion in costs and provide more reliable service to rural customers if they can make smarter use of off-grid technology.

ABB plug-and-play modular microgrid

14 October, 2016

ABB has announced a modular and scalable plug-and-play microgrid to address the growing demand for flexible technology in the developing market for distributed power generation.

Energy security in Australia to be assessed

07 October, 2016

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) welcomes the commitment of the COAG Energy Council to an independent assessment of energy security in Australia.

What happened in South Australia?

30 September, 2016

Climate change is driving storms like that in South Australia, says the Climate Council. However, it has been reported that some are suggesting that South Australia's commitment to renewable energy was the cause of Wednesday's statewide blackout.

Distributed Energy Systems (DES)

28 September, 2016

In response to new opportunities to reduce emissions and extend energy access, Distributed Energy Systems (DES) encompasses a diverse array of generation, storage, energy monitoring and control solutions.

Bestech Australia WPMZ series digital panel meters

23 September, 2016

Bestech Australia has introduced a series of digital panel meters with rotation, speed and flow rate measurements. The WPMZ series addresses issues such as complicated operation and displays that are hard to read.

Sweet plans for renewable power in Qld

19 September, 2016

MSF Sugar is building a $75m green power station at its Tableland Sugar Mill near Mareeba in Far North Queensland. It will use a 100% renewable sugar cane fibre to produce 24 MW of electricity — enough to power every house in the Tableland region.

Puls CP10 Series DIN-rail mount power supply

20 July, 2016

The Puls CP10 series is a 240 W, one-phase, DIN-rail mount power supply with a width of just 39 mm. It is available in 12, 24 and 48 V versions.

Redback and AllGrid to bring energy reliability to remote communities

14 July, 2016

Redback Technologies has partnered with AllGrid Energy, an Indigenous renewable technology company, in order to address energy reliability issues facing Australia's remote communities.

On the road to a clean energy future: the integration of renewables into the grid

13 July, 2016 by Simon Mouat, Vice President of Energy for Schneider Electric

Our most common and longest-running forms of energy — coal, oil, and gas — have effectively powered industry and civilisation for over 100 years. But as we know, these resources aren’t finite and the unprecedented rate at which they are being released from the ground is breaking the delicate balance of our planet’s climate.

Councils benefit through clean energy transformation

13 July, 2016

Ageing assets and inefficient energy practices are adding to the cost burden of councils. On the other hand, clean energy investments can transform local government operations and provide ongoing benefits for their communities.

Don't let profits leak into thin air

12 July, 2016

A thorough air audit on an Australian food manufacturer's entire system has revealed some unexpected results.

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