TriOS matrixFlu VIS multivariable fluorometer

Thursday, 01 August, 2019 | Supplied by: Control Components Pty Ltd


TriOS has introduced the multivariable matrixFlu sensor with excitation and detection at multiple wavelengths in a single, compact design.

When exposed to specific wavelengths of light the different pigments of algae, cyanobacteria and coloured dissolved organics (CDOMs) in water naturally fluoresce or glow. The amount of fluorescence back from each of these different pigments, at their specific wavelengths, can be measured by the optical detection channels within the matrixFlu fluorometer to provide not only the single values but also a 4x4 matrix of wavelength combinations to allow quasi-synchronous in-situ detection of excitation emission matrices (EEMs).

Stability of measurement values is achieved through the combination of specially selected LEDs (for fluorescence excitation) and internal temperature compensation.

Equipped with the TriOS G2 (browser) interface, the matrixFlu allows the user to configure the sensor, set measurement cycles and download information from the internal datalogger of the sensor via any browser and device (computer, tablet or phone). Furthermore, the G2 interface enables quick integration into third-party systems from complete SCADA process control to standalone data loggers in remote monitoring.

The nanocoated hydrophobic lens of the TriOS matrixFlu helps to repel build-up and minimise manual cleaning, though in more demanding applications the sensor can also be supplied with an automated brush wiper system to keep the lens clean.

The matrixFlu can be used for surface water, lakes, rivers, ponds, drinking water treatment plants and environmental monitoring to get real-time data, without manual sampling or reagents.

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