WonderTreat controls algae bloom

Wednesday, 03 August, 2005

WonderTreat is a bioremediation product developed by CK Life Sciences. It is composed of carefully selected microbes and a range of natural ingredients. The selected microbes perform specific functions and have been 'trained' by the technology to complement naturally occurring microbes and fungi. It has been applied to control algal blooms in China and Australia.

WonderTreat introduces the selected microbes to a water body in which algae growth has been caused by high levels of nutrients. The microbes effectively degrade these nutrients to restrict the food supply available for algae growth. As a result, the product eliminates algae growth. By removing algae, it improves effluent quality and appearance significantly and is also effective in eliminating odour emission from water bodies.

The product can be directly added to water restoration facilities, rivers or lakes. Sufficient hydraulic retention time should be allowed to optimise the effects of bioremediation. It is usually supplied in dry powder form. It may be spread on the water surface directly (dry application) or dissolved in solution, then spread on water surface evenly (wet application). For dry application, no special equipment is required. For wet application, a solution tank and an air pump will be required.

In Australia, the product has been used to reduce algae levels in a winery wastewater lagoon in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. It was added to the final pump chamber, which delivers treated wastewater to a 6ML dam, nominally 1 m in depth.

The product was added in 10 kg lots, several days apart. During the application, glucose content in the wastewater was reduced from 2500 mg/L to near zero in five days.

The dam water was initially full of green algae, which started to diminish 2-3 days after the initial application. The photograph shows the change in appearance of the dam water 5 days after the initial application.

Winery wastewater also contains a large amount of organic matter and it can cause an unpleasant smell that affects surrounding residents. The product is being applied in a number of winery wastewater treatment plants in the Barossa Valley for odour emission control and effluent polishing. The unpleasant smell from treatment plants or lagoons is effectively controlled. Currently, adding WonderTreat to the treatment process has become a routine procedure in these plants.

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