Engineered protection for water and wastewater applications

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Wednesday, 01 May, 2019

Engineered protection for water and wastewater applications

Polibrid 705E is more than just a protective coating; it is an engineering solution with the ability to solve problems in a wide range of environments. Fast-setting properties ensure rapid return to service, improving productivity and reducing costs.

Outstanding impact and abrasion resistance whilst combining an ability to withstand a broad range of chemicals make Polibrid 705E the ideal engineering solution for many challenging environments where conventional coatings fail. Features include:

  • 100% solids, solventless, odourless, meets all VOC regulations.
  • Corrosion protection for steel and concrete suitable for numerous immersion, chemical, abrasion and impact-resistant applications.
  • Protects against microbiologically induced corrosion, making it perfect for wastewater applications.
  • Ideal for encapsulation of rivets, bolts, edges and other surface imperfections.
  • Bridging cracks in concrete.
  • Extremely low water permeability giving excellent long-term performance.
  • Fast curing times — can be placed in-service as soon as touch dry.
  • Case histories spanning over 25 years.

Outstanding performance across a range of applications

Water transmission pipe coated with Polibrid 705E

Concrete structures and secondary containment

This tough and flexible product has crack bridging properties and the ability to withstand typical movement in concrete. Embedding a geotextile fabric prevents the need for grouting heavily pitted or eroded concrete.

Polibrid 705E is resistant to a range of chemicals over a wide pH range.

High product flexibility and elongation allows Polibrid 705E to be used in situations where substrate movement is a problem for most coatings. In this example, Polibrid 705E is used to keep water from migrating beneath a steel tank reducing the rate of underfloor corrosion.

Water and wastewater

Boasting over 25 years of track records, Polibrid 705E’s unique blend of properties makes it the ideal solution for many applications such as sewerage treatment plants, manhole pits and pump stations, secondary containment and water purification plants.

Suitable to protect sewerage treatment plants against microbiologically induced coating and concrete breakdown as Polibrid resists the harmful effects of hydrogen sulphide and sulphuric acid production.

Mining and mineral processing

Polibrid 705E provides excellent protection against the extremely abrasive and chemically harsh environments experienced in the mining industry, such as coal slurries, thickener, flotation and CIL tanks as well as secondary containment. The life of the asset can be increased significantly by the use of Polibrid.

Technical information

Colour Buff    
Volume solids 100%    
Typical dry film thickness 700–5000µm (27.6–196.9mil) dry    
Temperature Touch dry Hard dry Min. Recoat
15°C (59°F)
25°C (77°F)
40°C (104°F)
2 hours
1 hour
40 minutes
2 days
1 day
1 day
2 hours
1 hour
40 mins
VOCs 0 g/l (0.0 lb/gal) – calculated    

Test data

Tensile strength ASTM D412 2,800psi minimum (19.3MPa)
Flexibility ASTM D-1737 Passes multiple bends on 3.2mm (1/8”) diameter mandrel @ 30mils (762µm)
Abrasion resistance ASTM D-4060 40mgs maximum weight loss Taber Abraser w/ CS-17 wheels, 1,000 revs: 1kg load
Impact resistance   160lbs (72.5kg) minimum / Direct and reverse
Elongation ASTM D-412 43%

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