Elektra: the remote pump-management solution for water-treatment applications

Wednesday, 31 March, 2021

Elektra: the remote pump-management solution for water-treatment applications

Operators working in modern water and wastewater treatment sites face the dual challenges of properly processing water to the appropriate local or national standards while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact.

This means that, for chemical-dosing processes as varied as flocculation and desalination, innovative technological solutions are usually required to achieve the delicate balance between performance and sustainability.

One of the major global players in this area is SEKO, a renowned designer and manufacturer of chemical dosing pumps and control systems that constantly pushes the envelope to facilitate demanding processes within the water and wastewater-treatment sectors.

One of SEKO’s latest innovations is the Elektra digital pump controller, which allows operators to unlock multiple benefits including precise digital dosing, process optimization and cost control — setting a new standard in operational efficiency.

Elektra combines a built-in Wi-Fi hub, the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology and SEKO’s unique SekoWeb portal to connect operators to their dosing pumps at any time, no matter where they are in the world, via PC, laptop or smart device.

By accessing their pump equipment via SekoWeb, the operator can view live and historical data on demand relating to parameters such as flow rate and pressure, using the information to make immediate parameter adjustments — from any location.

SekoWeb offers a single online platform from which users can manage their entire installed base of SEKO devices, and because all compatible systems exchange information with the same server, users can browse related data and modify programmes or parameters through the portal.

With the power to make instant changes that improve efficiency, optimize chemical consumption and reduce environmental impact, this 24/7 connectivity makes Elektra an invaluable tool for operators working from home or for those responsible for multiple sites.

This is especially true as we approach a post-COVID future, where home working is expected to remain as prevalent as it has become over the last 12 months. With Elektra at the heart of their chemical dosing system, managers can spend less time on the move, helping to increase their productivity while significantly reducing travel and accommodation costs — yielding both financial and environmental benefits.

Meanwhile, Elektra’s scheduled reporting means the right data gets to the right people, with graphical visualizations allowing for quick interpretation and comparison of information to allow informed decisions to be made swiftly.

The ability to manage equipment with such flexibility unlocks key benefits including precise digital dosing, process optimization and cost control for applications as varied as agricultural, potable and wastewater treatment. Meanwhile, alarm reporting means that faults can be identified early and maintenance arranged in advance, helping to minimize costly unplanned downtime and productivity losses which in turn improves operational efficiency.

The Elektra unit itself offers multiple operating modes including manual, batch, analogue, timed and pulse, while the system enables dosing at up to 60,000 ppm (parts per million) and manages flow rates as high as 1,000 l/h — with parameters accessed and controlled locally via an intuitive multi-language programming interface.

Installation and use is facilitated by flexible mounting options, while the system’s colour-coded display signifies the current operating function for a universal solution accessible by all.

Elektra is currently available for use with Spring series of motor-driven dosing pumps, with compatibility planned for devices across the SEKO range going forward as part of the company’s strategy of constant product evolution. SekoWeb is available both online and as a smartphone app, compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

For more information on Elektra, SekoWeb and the entire SEKO water-treatment range, visit www.seko.com.

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