Inductive conductivity and temperature transmitter

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The series of JUMO CTI-500 conductivity and temperature transmitters uses an inductive measurement technique to provide virtually maintenance-free measurement of temperature-corrected conductivity from 0-500 micro Siemen/cm to 0-2000 milli Siemen/cm. The temperature measurement range is from 0 to 150°C with a fast response in-stream stainless steel probe and an internal, slower response probe option not in contact with the liquid.

The unit can be programmed from a lockable, membrane, front panel or via a PC or notebook. Versions with or without display are available.

The instrument are suited to CIP processes and applications involving gypsum/lime precipitates, grease and oil, and corrosive media. The transmitters, in addition to conductivity measurement, are also pre-programmed to indicate concentration of nitric acid (0-25%; 36-82% w/w) and caustic soda (0-15%; 25-50% w/w). Other solutes can be measured using a freely-programmable, up-to-20 point calibration curve.

The series is available as an integrated sensor-transmitter, or as a transmitter with a remote mounted sensor. Transmitter outputs for temperature and conductivity are selectable from 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 2-10 V, 4-20 mA or the inverse (eg, 10-0 V). Solid-state relays provide logic outputs for min/max limit conditions. The instruments require connection to a DC supply in the range of 19 to 31 V.

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