Sustainable packaging from agricultural waste

Wednesday, 17 June, 2015

Sustainable packaging from agricultural waste

Two companies in Germany, Zelfo Technology and Upgrading, have partnered in a trial production of an upcycled, wheat straw-based micro and nano fibrillated cellulose (M/NFC) packaging solution. The process effectively allows the food producer to become the raw material supplier of their own packaging material.

This trial used wheat; however, it is claimed almost all fibre-based crop residue or waste sources are suitable for conversion to packaging using the Zelfo/Upgrading system. The resulting product is recyclable, non-toxic and biodegradable, and can be formulated using a mixture of upcycled, plant-based M/NFC at various percentages with new cellulose or de-fibred waste material.

In terms of carbon footprint, the de-fibred source material has a low embodied energy requirement, as it comes from the producers’ own crop waste. Other benefits for the agro-business sector include: the production system is scalable and repeatable, and it allows for ‘just-in-time’ production.

Zelfo Material Technologist Kathrin Otto, who is part of the ongoing development team, looks forward to handling the project at the pilot plant. “This is confirmation of the potential of M/NFC and an exciting new dawn for the bio-based economy,” she said.

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