Two leading wineries toasting sustainable success with Biogone

Tuesday, 01 February, 2022

Two leading wineries toasting sustainable success with Biogone

Eco-conscious Melbourne-based company, Biogone, is driving sustainable change in a significant way across a suite of industries including the Australian wine industry.

Biogone is steadfast in designing and delivering packing and shipping alternatives, and at the same time, playing a pivotal role in changing the way Australian businesses minimise their plastic use.

Two innovative and dynamic wineries, Stefano Lubiana Wines, in the heart of Tasmania’s wine region in Granton, Tasmania, and Rosnay Organic Wines located in Canowindra, NSW, have two things in common. Both are creators of stunning and reputable wines and secondly, they both have embraced sound sustainable practices with Biogone, the industry leaders committed to replacing conventional plastic products with landfill-biodegradable products.

With their innovative and revolutionary products, Biogone is helping the Australian wine industry transition its supply chain to plastic smart alternatives. For decades, an exorbitant number of plastics have been used to wrap wine pallets for distribution, locally and internationally. Now, the tide is turning with more wineries like Stefano Lubiana Wines and Rosnay Organic Wines embracing the newfound sustainable methods of packaging with Biogone — making a change, one bottle at a time, and in line with 2025 National Packaging Targets.

Celebrating a biodynamic vineyard

Stefano Lubiana Wines is Tasmania’s first and only biodynamic vineyard which embraces environmentally holistic practices, including minimal intervention and combines that with modern techniques.

Stefano Lubiana has been cultivating their vines using biodynamic methods where the wines are free of all synthetic treatments, additives and pesticides. The vineyard prides itself in using cosmic rhythms to ensure soil regeneration as well as effective vine care through all phases of the year’s seasonal cycles.

Stefano Lubiana also focuses on traditional and environmentally sensitive principles to create wines that have a unique and distinctive character and this ethos is extended to the way Stefano Lubiana Wines ship their wines interstate and overseas with Biogone.

Small acts make the greatest of impacts with Biogone

Since 2017, Stefano Lubiana Wines joined forces with Biogone, using its landfill-biodegradable machine and hand stretch wrap, pallet toppers and packing tape, which provides the same strength as conventional plastic but is recyclable and will biodegrade approximately 90+% faster once disposed to landfill.

According to Monique Lubiana, Director, Stefano Lubiana Wines, because the vineyard delivers wine nationally to Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, and ships to countries including the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan, they needed packing materials, which are strong and versatile, but also environmentally friendly.

“It is so important for us as a vineyard to be able to wholly embrace sustainable practices that complement our ethos. Biogone is such a great fit with our direction and delivery in achieving our overall environmental goals.”

Rosnay Organic Wines driving sustainable beliefs and change

The same can be said by Sam Statham, one of three brothers running Rosnay Organic Wines, who have been meticulous in producing industry-leading organic products celebrated in the Canowindra region in New South Wales.

They were looking for alternatives to standard plastic stretch wrap to protect and secure their products on the pallets and ship to hundreds of outlets nationwide and globally. Continuing to use conventional plastic packaging was not a path the family business wanted to pursue.

According to Sam, “We were simply sick of all the plastic that was being used, and for us, we were struggling to find a sustainable solution to secure our products on the pallets. But then we discovered Biogone’s landfill-biodegradable packing and shipping products.”

“As a small and successful business like ours, Biogone was the perfect fit, as we share the same ideals of wanting to leave our planet in as good or better condition than when we came here.”

Embracing sustainable practices

Dr. Ross Headifen, the General Manager of Biogone, is excited to be working with Stefano Lubiana Wines and Rosnay Organic Wine, as they both embrace sustainable and responsible beliefs as Biogone.

“We all too often see quality products hit the market and they are wrapped in multiple layers of plastic wrap, which is a problem for our environment.”

“We offer the winery industry and many other industries a plastic smart solution with our landfill-biodegradable packing and shipping products. The benefit to the technology is that it is recyclable with mainstream soft plastics, and when disposed to landfill, with biodegradable approximately 90% faster than conventional plastics leaving no microplastics and produces a humus-like material (organic matter) which is a natural plant fertiliser and biogas.”

Explore the Biogone packing and shipping range today.

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