Sustainable service concept and ease of maintenance

SEW-Eurodrive Pty Ltd
Wednesday, 01 March, 2023

Sustainable service concept and ease of maintenance

It is part of SEW-EURODRIVE’s DNA that its products should always be designed to be as maintenance-friendly and repair-friendly as possible.

For example, our gear units and gear motors can be disassembled non-destructively and then reassembled again once faulty or worn parts have been replaced.

This means we can extend the service life of our existing products and services and avoid unnecessarily using up resources. This is achieved by our modular system approach where we manufacture as few parts as possible. For instance, many components can be used across many different product series, thus enabling twice as many variants of each product from as few individual parts as necessary.

Our Life Cycle Services represent the next logical step in this approach.

They are based on a holistic and carefully thought-through closed-loop concept that covers the entire service lifespan of a product while it is in use with the customer.

  1. Guidance in the form of personal advice on trends, issues that will arise in the future, application and industry know-how, regulations and specifications.
  2. Planning and engineering, such as concept development, variant management and energy consulting.
  3. Procurement and supply, such as via electronic data exchange, delivery services, and electronic dispatch notifications.
  4. Installation and startup, including advice on installing and programming the application.
  5. Operation at the customer’s premises, including product monitoring via remote services, repairs, servicing, maintenance, Spare Parts Service and energy efficiency tools.
  6. Modernisation through retrofitting.

Thanks to this service from a single source, which is provided by a dedicated contact, our customers can rest assured that they are getting the best possible expertise and advice for their drive technology.

So what exactly is sustainable about that?

Example – the maintenance-friendly connection between the gear unit and motor

The connection between the gear unit and motor on all our standard gear motors offers a good example of just how maintenance-friendly our solutions are.

It is made via a pinion shaft that has a key and a mounted pinion with a corresponding slot. Unlike on crimped pinions, this connection can be disassembled without destroying the parts. Any necessary repairs can be carried out at the customer’s premises or in one of our state-of-the-art service centres.

How our Life Cycle Services are sustainable

  • By providing personal consulting and working in partnership to plan customised drive and automation solutions, we ensure our customers always get precisely the solution they need. In other words, we always manufacture with precision and to suit the market.
  • As we continue to digitalise our supply chain, we are continuously driving down the amount of paper we use while simultaneously maximizing transparency.
  • Together, a preliminary in-house check and startup support ensure that our gearmotors run as smoothly as possible on an efficient and resource-friendly basis from the outset.
  • Thanks to our remote services, we can leverage predictive maintenance to reduce repair outlay and therefore the associated production of spare parts.
  • A customised and broad-based spare parts system that satisfies the highest standards in technology and quality helps us maximize flexibility while minimizing costly and energy-hungry downtime and extending the dependable service life of our components.
  • Our retrofitting and modernisation concept ensures that every system can be kept up to date and in the best possible energy-efficient state.
  • Our 100 sales and service experts and our over 45 qualified engineers nationally are ready and able to assist you across our 6 Service Centres, 5 assembly plants, and 7 sales offices, incredibly direct and rapidly. Thereby enabling us to reduce the energy use and resource consumption otherwise associated with long journey times.

We ensure that our customers get precisely the solution they need — we manufacture with precision and to suit the market.

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