Siemens announces Beyond 1% Summit: Accelerating digitalisation for sustainability and economic growth

Siemens Ltd
Monday, 06 May, 2024

Siemens announces Beyond 1% Summit: Accelerating digitalisation for sustainability and economic growth

The Beyond 1% Summit, hosted by Siemens Australia, is set to take place on July 3-4, 2024, in Sydney. This national event brings together global and local thought leaders from industry, government, and academia to discuss how Australia can leverage technology and digitalisation to accelerate sustainability, grow the economy, and contribute to global decarbonization efforts.

The Importance of Digitalisation

Australia, responsible for approximately one percent of global emissions, aims to address these emissions by 2050 through its Net Zero 2050 commitment. To achieve this ambitious goal, embracing key technologies, including digitalisation, becomes crucial. Siemens Australia and New Zealand CEO, Peter Halliday, emphasizes the need for big picture thinking and an “all-in” attitude to go beyond that one percent. Accelerating technology adoption is essential for achieving clean energy transition and broader decarbonization goals.

Stephan May’s Insights

One of the summit’s highlights is the participation of Stephan May, the Global CEO of Siemens’ Electrification & Automation division, a business area playing a critical role in energy transition in almost every country worldwide. As a prolific voice on energy transition, May will share his views on the holistic approach needed during the event. Some key points he is expected to address are:

  1. Sustainability and Grid Stability: May will reflect on how sustainability and grid stability are interconnected. As we transition to cleaner energy sources, maintaining grid stability becomes critical. Digitalisation plays a pivotal role in achieving this balance.
  2. Challenges and Opportunities: May will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the energy transition. From integrating renewable energy sources to grid management and hydrogen, he will provide valuable insights into navigating this complex landscape.
  3. Technologies for Sustainability: The Summit will explore technologies critical to sustainability, including Industrial AI, digital twins, additive manufacturing, digital decarbonization platforms, and smart grids. May’s expertise will shed light on how these technologies can drive positive environmental impact.
  4. Digitalisation as an Enabler: Siemens has long championed digitalisation as a powerful tool for sustainability. May will delve into how technologies like smart grids, advanced sensors, and data analytics can enhance grid efficiency, reduce emissions, and improve overall system performance.

May’s approach is holistic, emphasizing the need for transparency, credible partnerships, investment, and clear policy frameworks. He advocates for maximizing the use of existing infrastructure through digitalisation, which can lead to significant efficiency gains.

Real Examples and Collaboration

The Summit will feature thought-provoking keynotes, panel discussions, technology streams, and workshops. Global and local experts from industry and government will showcase real examples of success, both from Australia and overseas. By demystifying targets, legislation, and funding avenues, the Summit aims to be a practical lighthouse for businesses. Collaboration and networking opportunities will further empower participants to consider their contribution to sustainability and economic growth.

As one of the other speakers Bronwyn Fox, Chief Scientist of CSIRO notes, “Of all the levers we have to pull in what is an increasingly urgent setting, digitalisation is among the most powerful and effective, bringing new capabilities, insights, and options as well as helping us address the age-old adage that you can’t improve what you can’t measure.”

Learn more and register for Siemens’ Beyond 1% Summit at the Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park on 3 and 4 July.

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