Ammonium phosphate (fertiliser) production

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Wednesday, 02 August, 2023

Ammonium phosphate (fertiliser) production

Mono-ammonium and di-ammonium phosphate (MAP, DAP) are produced from reaction of ammonia and phosphoric acid. The off-gas from this process contains NH3, HF, and a lot of dust which are typically removed in a wet tail gas scrubber. To comply with emission standards, the residual NH3, HF, and dust need to be monitored. A special design to deal with heavy salt formation is crucial for the reliable operation of any analyser system.

Based on the TDLS (tunable diode laser spectroscopy) principle, the GM700 measures different gas components, such as NH3, HF, HCl plus H2O, by specific light absorption. In-situ measurement is particularly well-suited to the rapid determination of gas concentrations in process control and emission monitoring.

At a glance

  • High selectivity due to high spectral resolution
  • Short response times
  • No calibration required
  • No moving parts: minimal wear and tear
  • No gas sampling or conditioning required
  • Overpressure encapsulated design for ATEX Zone 2

The FWE200DH dust measuring device is designed to continuously measure dust concentrations in wet gases. The gas is extracted via a gas sampling probe and heated above the dew point. Droplets in the gas vaporize, making it impossible for them to falsify the measurement results. The very sensitive scattered light measurement principle enables accurate measurements even at low dust concentrations.

The FWE200DH meets the requirements of EN 14181 and EN 15267.

At a glance

  • For very low to medium dust concentrations
  • Gas sampling and return combined in one probe
  • Contamination check
  • Automatic monitoring of zero and reference point
  • Easy parameterization and convenient operation — optionally via supplemental remote unit
  • Integrated system diagnostics for early detection of maintenance requirements

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