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Friday, 26 March, 2010

Truck company saving energy

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL), and the truck industry in general, is working hard to overcome the perceived dirty image of trucks belching black smoke. Paul Evans, IAL’s Business Planning Manager and Company Secretary said, “Trucks have made considerable gains over the last decade, due to a range of new technologies, making trucks greener and more economical than ever before. In fact, 60 of today’s new trucks produce less carbon emissions than just one truck in 1995!”

IAL’s ‘new generation’ range of Isuzu trucks launched in 2007, (being Euro IV compliant), exceeded the stringent ADR 80 government emission requirements. In August 2009, IAL went a step further to review all areas of operation and set up a group of five passionate volunteers, called the Carbon Reduction Workgroup, whose goal was to reduce IAL’s footprint on the environment. IAL joined VECCI’s Grow Me The Money program shortly thereafter.

Since enrolment in the program, Isuzu has introduced an office recycling program, ‘delamped’ secondary office areas and introduced ‘Cool Biz’ where staff dress appropriately for the revised summer air-conditioning temperatures now set at 24°C. Currently IAL are reviewing investing in new lighting technologies and, coupled with a range of other initiatives, IAL expects to save around 20% in energy during 2010.

“It’s critical to involve staff along every step of the way, keeping them informed and engage them in a variety of initiatives. Our immediate priority is to get our own house in order and complete the 12 month Grow Me the Money program, then go after the ‘holy grail’ - rolling out green initiatives across our entire national dealer network,” Evans explained.

There are over 70 Isuzu sites across Australia employing well over 1000 people - and improvements across the dealer network can make a significant positive impact on the environment.

While the dealer network is run by independent businesses (franchises), Paul is confident IAL will receive positive support among its dealerships, once the benefits of the program are explained.

Another challenge facing IAL is that, while there are a range of new green technologies emerging (such as Isuzu CNG trucks that produce 30% less CO 2 than equivalent diesel trucks), there is often a lack of support and infrastructure to support customers that pioneer the new greener technologies.

IAL, through its membership of the Truck Industry Council, has met representatives of the federal government, briefing them about the range of new green technologies available. IAL has also been lobbying for incentives for business to invest in the new technologies and infrastructure required.

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