Customers investing in SolarEdge inverter solutions have made a smart choice

SolarEdge Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd
Thursday, 13 April, 2023

Customers investing in SolarEdge inverter solutions have made a smart choice

SolarEdge systems enable customers to access additional revenue streams either by participating in Virtual Power Plant (VPP) offers, or through SolarEdge’s ability to meet new regulations for dynamic export.

Additional revenue means improved Return on Investment (ROI)

SolarEdge customers have access to a range of features and capabilities that can help them accelerate the ROI of their solar energy systems by optimising energy production, participating in new revenue-generating programs, and improving system reliability. We call these services SolarEdge Grid Services (GS). By utilising SolarEdge GS, customers can achieve a faster return on their investment and generate more revenue from their solar energy systems.

GS works as a cloud-based service immediately available on SolarEdge installed systems when internet communications are established. GS deliver the opportunity for many sites to work together and access new revenue generating programmes such as energy market participation, demand response and data insights. These are the areas that create value and can be shared to end customers.

GS VPP’s are provided by SolarEdge’s energy retail, network services and aggregator partners. These services are facilitated via SolarEdge systems and only operate where customers choose to participate in a VPP offer.

Access comes directly through SolarEdge native solutions

SolarEdge hardware components installed at a customer’s home or business are ‘native’ GS systems, meaning customers do not need to purchase additional equipment and installers do not need to worry about integrating third party assets. This is important as the cost of installing third party assets is an expensive addition to the installation and can erode the value created from enrolling in VPP.

Native systems make installation easier and increase certainty of compliance for installers and solar retailers.

Access to exporting extra solar PV generation to the grid is changing

The ongoing success of solar in the energy system is driving unintended consequences, namely on days where solar generation is high, but load in the network is low and constraints can happen, potentially putting the grid at risk.

Networks are moving to put dynamic export limits in place, with the intention for all new solar systems to allow the network operator to remotely update solar systems’ grid export limits to help maintain grid stability where on some days the export limits are reduced. For example, in South Australia, the benefit to SolarEdge system owners is that for most of the year, they will be able to export up to six-times more energy back into the grid, compared to non-compliant sites which will be limited to small, 1.5 kW fixed export power limits.

SolarEdge is a leader in this space, being the first vendor to certify and offer this native dynamic export service in South Australia and confirmed on CEC listing.

SolarEdge’s smart inverters achieve this capability without the complexity and additional costs of adding third-party controllers.

SolarEdge solutions increase value today and into the future

SolarEdge Grid Services helps customers to access additional revenue from their renewable energy investment, accelerating ROI.

Our native systems deliver effective, diverse and valued services for customers, energy retailers, networks and aggregators alike. Native systems help installers on-site removing the need to install additional components and programme third party products together, while giving customers and aggregators the confidence for firm response rates during events.

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. By leveraging world-class engineering capabilities and with a relentless focus on innovation, SolarEdge creates smart energy solutions that power our lives and drive future progress.

SolarEdge continues to work at the forefront of energy market needs in Australia supporting a successful transition to a clean energy system.

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