Vehicle exhaust emissions to be put to the test

Tuesday, 13 May, 2008

Testing will begin today to ensure all vehicles entering New Zealand meet new exhaust emissions standards, according to Associate Transport Minister Judith Tizard.

The Land Transport Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Rule requires all imported new and used vehicles comply with minimum emissions standards.

Vehicles will be physically tested to ensure their emissions control equipment is working effectively.

“The Labour-led government is committed to improving air quality in New Zealand and we don’t want used cars which fail to meet standards in other countries ending up on New Zealand roads,” said Tizard.

The rule requires all vehicles entering the fleet to have been built to minimum emissions standards, which bring New Zealand closer in line with European and Japanese standards. The testing will ensure the vehicles are still working to that standard when they enter the fleet.

“The rule does not apply to cars already in the fleet but it ensures that cars being brought into New Zealand are cleaner and will actively improve the fleet,” Tizard said.

The emissions testing will be carried out by an authorised certifier on the vehicle’s arrival. The tests are the same as those used in Japan to ensure the vehicle is running efficiently.

“Vehicle emissions are being targeted through initiatives in several areas — the vehicles in the fleet, the fuel supplied to run those vehicles, and the way in which those vehicles are driven and maintained. The Emissions Rule is a key part of the equation,” said Tizard.


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