Study investigates Australian–German hydrogen supply chain

Friday, 08 January, 2021

Study investigates Australian–German hydrogen supply chain

The Australian Government has selected NSW company Scimita Ventures as a partner in a study investigating the feasibility of an Australian–German supply chain for hydrogen produced from renewable energy. The study will holistically analyse hydrogen supply chain options from Australia to Germany.

Scimita Ventures — part of a consortium of industry and academia headed by UNSW — will conduct the seminal study over a two-year period. Partners include UNSW and project leads Deloitte, Baringa Consulting and GPA. The study will assess current technologies, identify regulatory and logistical barriers, and recommend business models for the development of this two-way trade and investment.

Established in 2016, Scimita Ventures is a technology, science and innovation company, renowned for its innovation in deep technology. In addition to bringing its relationships with major industrial players to the table, the company will contribute its capacity for algorithmic intelligence to the study. As a key partner in the study, Scimita Ventures is set to cement itself as an industry leader; a landmark celebrated by Managing Director Dr Mobin Nomvar.

“We are very pleased to learn that the skills we bring are being appreciated at the highest possible level. It is an honour to be invited to join this consortium. It is a testament to the value that we can deliver,” Dr Nomvar said.

“We’ve got the technology to use algorithmic intelligence to design a whole supply chain, even in a study as complex as this. That’s a layer of added value which is rare to find.”

Dr Nomvar said that Scimita Ventures is proud to contribute to a study that will directly impact future generations as a result of guiding governments to create the infrastructure required to transition from fossil fuel-based systems.

“Scimita Ventures is delighted to take a leading role in one of the most impactful studies on the hydrogen supply chain ever conducted in Australia.

“In 10 years, the hydrogen supply chain will be a fundamental part of life.”

Expansion in the hydrogen sector was forecast by Scimita Ventures in conducting pre-feasibility work for its own hydrogen technology. A study on biogas (from landfill) explored sustainable value chain business models, Dr Nomvar explained.

“Converting biogas to hydrogen could mean several billion dollars of business added each year to the Australian economy. And that’s only biogas, not even the other renewable sources of hydrogen.

“The size of the economy expected to be created from hydrogen can be measured in the trillions of dollars worldwide. That could mean at least $2–3 trillion a year.

“This study gives Australia the chance to identify how and where to produce hydrogen to support an economy like Germany’s. The outcome of this study also helps Australia to identify how to support other markets in this economy.”

Dr Nomvar also noted the potential of the study to offer Australian technology, intellectual property, supply chain processes and more to the global hydrogen economy.

“We are looking at how Australia as a country can contribute from cradle to cradle: from the very source of producing hydrogen, to the very end of using hydrogen. In terms of a circular economy, that chain of hydrogen production just starts again.”

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