Solar our schools, Australian parents say

Wednesday, 30 September, 2020

Solar our schools, Australian parents say

In a move to push the solar agenda into Australian schools and early childhood centres, a COVID-safe convoy of 20 parents will deliver a Solar our Schools petition to the Prime Minister’s residence at Kirribilli House — via a ‘solar-powered cubby house’.

More than 10,000 Australian parents have signed the open letter, asking Scott Morrison to fund solar panels and batteries for all Australian schools and early childhood centres.

Having solar and batteries on all schools and early childhood centres would allow them to operate as virtual power plants for local communities, stabilising the electricity grid by providing dispatchable power during peak times when schools are closed, like school holidays, weekends and evenings.

“Solar Our Schools would solve the federal government’s energy woes, create thousands of jobs, save thousands of dollars in energy bills that can be spent on education resources, and help make the climate safer for our kids. It’s a no-brainer,” Australian Parents for Climate Action National Director Suzie Brown said.

“Instead of wasting taxpayer money on gas, which won’t address climate change or electricity prices, the Prime Minister should be investing in solutions like Solar Our Schools, which solve pressing economic, environmental and energy challenges today while setting us up for the future.”

According to research by Beyond Zero Emissions, Solar Our Schools would create more than 7000 jobs in renewable energy and education industries across Australia and save schools and centres money.

The research also shows that the energy savings from having solar, plus income from selling excess solar energy as a ‘virtual power plant’, would save large schools and centres $114,000, and small schools and centres $12,700, per year.

Richard Buckingham, Principal of Victoria’s Queenscliff Primary School, said, “Solar would make a huge difference to our school, saving us money on our bills and engaging the students in doing something positive on cutting carbon emissions.

“Government support would allow us to make this a reality, not just a dream.”

Image courtesy of Australian Parents for Climate Action

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