Funding sparks power saving

Monday, 07 July, 2008

Adelaide-based Ember Technologies has developed a globally applicable technology that can selectively turn off idle electrical devices, both in the home and in businesses. Standby power represents roughly 10% of the power used in Australian homes.

South Australian seed investor Playford Capital and Victorian venture investor Cleantech Ventures have announced a $750,000 investment in Ember Technologies, which will fund the company to finalise its initial product designs and plan the launch of its products.

The power-saving product involves a blend of embedded adaptive intelligence technology and smart electronics. It is suitable for all standard audiovisual systems and computer applications within the home and office environments. Most importantly, it requires no change in consumer behaviour — Ember does it all automatically.

Benefits include: power savings of as much as $120 a year per application; longer equipment life through full powering down of devices; reduced fire risk by removing standby power and protection from power fluctuations; reduced CO2 emissions by reducing and in most cases eliminating standby power.

The first application of this technology will be through a smart power board, suitable for both the PC environment and home audiovisual systems. The company is well underway to launching the technology in the Australian market during the first quarter of next year. It will then launch the technology internationally through a number of exciting product applications.


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