Four emerging trends in sustainable packaging

It's become clear that retailers and manufacturers across many industries - from food and beverage and pharmaceutical to consumer products - are seeking to innovate while incorporating associated sustainability implications. So what are the four rising trends in sustainable packaging? Read more »

NOV Mono provides protection for treatment plant

Pump manufacturer NOV Mono has delivered a turnkey project to provide an extra level of protection for a major water and waste treatment plant in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Read more »

Mattresses floated at local sewage treatment plant

Queensland Urban Utilities has launched a new trial which uses floating wetlands to purify wastewater at the Forest Hill Sewage Treatment Plant, near Laidley. The project involves growing wetlands on specially engineered plastic mattresses, which are then floated on purpose-built lagoons. Read more »

Featured Products

Atlas Copco ER energy recovery systems
The Atlas Copco ER range of energy recovery systems can recover up to 94% of the electrical energy used by an air or gas compressor....
Dwyer Series PFT paddlewheel flow sensor
The Series PFT is a paddlewheel flow sensor used to monitor liquid flow rates in pipes from 1-1/2 to 40″ with just one si...
Cerlic CMC high-concentration total solids sensor
The Cerlic CMC completes the sensing pathway of sludge/biosolids in water and wastewater treatment processes, measuring high-concent...
Source Separation Systems Compost-A-Pak bin covers
Source Separation Systems' 240 L MGB bin covers are 100% Australian certified compostable. Made of third-grade non-eating corn a...
Gorman-Rupp Ultra V Series wastewater pumps
Gorman-Rupp Ultra V Series self-priming centrifugal sewage pumps are high-performance and high-efficiency pumps that are mounted hig...
Dwyer Instruments Series UFB Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The Series UFB Ultrasonic Flow Meter Set uses the transit-time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes non-invasively. The perm...
Thermo Scientific microPhazir AS asbestos analyser
The Thermo Scientific microPhazir AS is a handheld analyser designed for screening and identification of asbestos-containing materia...
Source Separation Systems E-Waste Recycling Bin
The E-Waste Recycling Bin has been designed in collaboration with local councils to provide both a consolidated collection bank for ...
Thermo Scientific Orion Chlorine XP Analyser
The Thermo Scientific Orion Chlorine XP Analyser is an online process analyser that measures chlorine and other key water quality pa...
Source Separation Systems National Park recycling stations
The National Park range of public recycling stations has been specifically designed to provide users with the flexibility to design ...

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