Turning wastewater into an economic resource

Economic optimisation of wastewater treatment is vitally important for Australian manufacturing and processing facilities aiming to curtail costs. According to pitt&sherry's Dr Steve Edwards, manufacturers can optimise their economic choices when treating and recycling wastewater by investigating a variety of options. Read more »

Biofuel crops on photovoltaic farms

Scientists from Stanford University have created a model for solar farms that co-locates crops and solar panels, resulting in a harvest of biofuel plants along with solar energy. Read more »

Communities could drive the switch to clean energy

A senior researcher at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) has claimed that Australia will continue to lag behind other countries in heeding the UN's call to switch to clean sources of energy - unless the burgeoning community energy sector is allowed to thrive. Read more »

Featured Products

Atlas Copco GA VSD+ variable speed drive compressor
Atlas Copco's GA 7-37 VSD+ variable speed drive compressor is claimed to reduce energy consumption by 50% on average, compared t...
Thermo Scientific Orion Chlorine XP Analyser
The Thermo Scientific Orion Chlorine XP Analyser is an online process analyser that measures chlorine and other key water quality pa...
Rosemount 8750W Magnetic Flowmeter for utility water applications
Performance, reliability and intelligent diagnostics make Rosemount flowmeters a suitable solution for utility flow measurement. The...
Compost-A-Pak Shopping Bags
Compost-A-Pak Shopping Bags are made of third-grade, non-eating corn sourced from international regions with high rainfall to minimi...
Cerlic sludge blanket and TSS sensors
Cerlic's range of suspended solids sensors has been developed with industry using near infrared (NIR) transmission of light to a...
Ilum-a-lite Light Eco LED Floodlight range
With a brilliant white wide beam ensuring a consistent and clear light source, the Light Eco LED Floodlight range is a suitable choi...
Dwyer Instruments Model ULSS ultrasonic level sensor
The level sensor has a narrow beam width and a short, selectable dead band. It is suitable for use with dirty, corrosive or sticky f...
Weka visual level indicators
Control Components locally builds magnetic level gauges in Australia under licence to Weka. Typically used in place of a sight glass...
Source Separation Systems Battery Recycling Tubes
Source Separation Systems' Battery Recycling Tubes are an effective recycling solution for batteries and smaller e-waste items s...
SIPOS Solar Systems solar package
SIPOS Solar Systems offers reliable and flexible products for the actuation of valves in areas without access to power. The company&...

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